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Stevens Hosts Nano Tumor Workshop

On Monday, September 29, 2014, Stevens Institute of Technology hosted a Workshop on Nanomedicine and Tumor Engineering for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy, presented by co-chairs, Woo Lee, PhD, Stevens Institute of Technology George Meade Bond Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Jenny Zilberberg, PhD, Assistant Scientist, Hackensack University Medical Center.

“Organizing these types of events puts Stevens and Hackensack University Medical Center at the forefront of cutting edge research activities,” said Zilberberg.

With over 90 participants, the workshop brought together clinicians, scientists and engineers in a uniquely interdisciplinary environment to address the multi-faceted challenges of nanotechnology and oncology. The theme of the workshop was the exploration of approaches and designs for novel cancer nano-based diagnostic modalities and therapeutics based on high-fidelity engineered cancer models, as well as to develop a better understanding of integrated pathophysiological processes that modulate human tumor functionality and growth. The workshop also included opportunities for preclinical evaluation of technologies enabling nanomedicine, and personalized drug selection based on diagnostic screening of human tumor cells.

According to Zilberberg, workshop participants were exposed to two very distinct areas of scientific research: Tissue engineering and nanotechnology, and they also learned how these two areas intersect in the field of medicine to provide better diagnostics and treatment avenues for patients.

“The workshop has the important goal of providing a platform for participants to engage in insightful conversation, and we want to make sure that the participants can have a written summary of the main points covered in the breakout sessions,” said Zilberberg.

“Efforts will be made to initiate new collaborative projects and to seek funding from the NIH.  The organizers plan to hold a follow-up workshop in two years,” said Peter Tolias, Stevens professor and director, Center For Healthcare Innovation.