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Stevens Hosts 2016 Mobility Hubs, a Forum on Transportation Systems Technology

The future of public transportation and research projects at Stevens highlighted during Intelligent Transportation Society of New Jersey event

Dr. Yeganeh Hayeri presents at transportation technology forum
Dr. Yeganeh Hayeri, a Stevens Institute of Technology assistant professor of systems engineering, presents transportation systems research underway at Stevens during Mobility Hubs, a forum focused on transportation hubs enabled by technology.

On December 7, a community of transportation leaders gathered at the Stevens Institute of Technology campus in Hoboken N.J. for Mobility Hubs, the technology forum of the Intelligent Transportation Society of New Jersey (ITSNJ). ITSNJ is a non-profit professional organization focused on transforming and improving the transportation system.

The event served as a venue for a discussion on the future of mobility at transportation hubs enabled by technology, including ferries, trains and bike sharing systems in and around the Hoboken Terminal. The aim is to provide a platform for innovative technologies that has the potential to transform and improve the transportation system in terms of safety, congestion and sustainability, among other metrics.

The forum was organized by Stevens professors Yeganeh Hayeri and Eirik Hole of the School of Systems and Enterprises. Welcoming the audience, Dr. Hayeri gave the keynote presentation emphasizing on the importance of collaboration between academia and public agencies. "This is a great opportunity for us at Stevens to share with you some of the transportation research projects underway here at the University,” said Hayeri during her speech.

The emphasis of her presentation was on solutions for transportation problems that could have real short and long term impacts on society. And she showcased transportation research projects led by several Stevens professors including Dr. Thomas Wakeman, Dr. Jose Ramirez-Marquez, Dr. Gregg Vesonder and Dr. Lee Vinsel. “What I am sharing with you today is not an all-inclusive list, rather a diverse sample of the types of projects and collaborations we take on here at Stevens,” said Hayeri, who also presented her current transportation research projects.

Additional speakers included Stevens alumni Andy Kaplan ‘09, assistant manager, Agencywide Operations Center, Traffic Engineering for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, and Clarelle DeGraffe, deputy director, PATH at Port Authority of NY & NJ, who presented highlights about the technology used to help run one of the largest train systems in the U.S.

Others in attendance included Jeremy Colangelo, chief planner of NJTransit, Jonathan Figueroa, director of the Citywide Ferry by Hornblower, Jay Didomenico, director of Hudson TMA and Ryan Sharp, principal planner of the City of Hoboken.

During the second half of the event, a panel discussed existing governance challenges that prohibit multi stakeholder activities throughout the region. Through research and collaboration, the sentiment was that solutions to the some of the biggest transportation challenges are forthcoming in the near future.

“We hope this conference is the start of many more events at Stevens providing an open environment for our transportation leaders, practitioners and researchers to have effective dialogue that would lead to meaningful solutions” said Hayeri.