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Stevens Fraternity Joins Exclusive Club with ‘All True Men’ Status

 Stevens undergraduate members of Theta Xi pose for a photo. Richard LoGatto, the chapter's president, stands in the center holding the All True Men certificate.
Stevens undergraduate members of Theta Xi proudly display their All True Men certificate (held by Richard LoGatto, the chapter's president).

The Stevens Institute of Technology chapter of Theta Xi Fraternity – Gamma Chapter – was recognized as an “All True Men” chapter at an awards ceremony held on the Stevens campus November 15.

Started in 1864, Theta Xi is one of the nation’s leading leadership fraternities. The Stevens Chapter was founded just 10 years later in 1874, making it the oldest chartered chapter of Theta Xi in the world. The prestigious All True Men (ATM) designation recognizes a chapter’s demonstrated commitment to live out the fraternity’s core historic values of leadership, brotherhood, scholarship and service, and embrace a set of expectations that are beyond those of other chapters.

With this new status, the Stevens chapter becomes only  the 10th chapter to be designated as an ATM chapter, an elite group that includes chapters from UCLA, Washington University in St. Louis, Louisiana State University and the University of Colorado - Boulder, among others.

“’All True Men’ is a designation granted to chapters who commit themselves to being Theta Xi men at a higher, deeper, broader, more effective level, and who are committed to living the core values we affirm in our Oath,” stated Dr. Phil Barrineau, director of leadership development and education at the national organization. “They commit themselves to a high level of personal, social and scholastic accountability, to significant campus and community leadership, and to philanthropic service.”

The coveted recognition is the culmination of a process that began nearly three years ago.

“It’s a difficult status for an individual fraternity to achieve. There were a lot of things that the chapter had to accomplish in order to qualify to receive ‘All True Men’ status,” said Associate Director of Student Life Thea Zunick.

Gaining ATM status was an ambitious goal that required improving the chapter’s entire operations, according to Richard LoGatto, president of Theta Xi at Stevens.

“[Towards that objective], we have done a great job recruiting high quality members, increasing our on-campus involvement, and improving our Inter-Greek relations,” said LoGatto.

A chapter strives to reach All True Men status for several reasons, LoGatto explains.

“It boosts chapter confidence and esteem, but it also helps with recruitment to say you are among the best nationally. Other benefits include scholarships and leadership development consultants.”

Stevens senior Andrew Falcone, a biomedical engineering major, described an immediate sense of belonging from the moment he was first introduced to the Theta Xi chapter.

“I knew that this was the place that I could call home for my college career,” said Falcone. “Being a part of Theta Xi at Stevens offered me the opportunity to grow as an individual, both professionally and personally. I was able to build leadership skills through the various positions I held, as well as develop interpersonal skills through my interactions with the brotherhood and the school. More importantly, I was able to use my experiences to mentor incoming members, so that they too can grow to the best of their abilities as brothers.”

While Falcone’s pride in being a member of Theta Xi shines through, he is quick to give a heartfelt endorsement of the entire Stevens Greek community.

“I couldn't be more proud to be a part of a community in which each and every fraternity and sorority is forever striving to make our community a better place.”

To learn more about Theta Xi and other Greek organizations at Stevens, visit Greek Life at Stevens.