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Stevens Dr. Joseph Mitola Presents Future of Wireless at IEEE GLOBECOM 2010

In December, Distinguished Professor Joseph Mitola, Vice President for The Research Enterprise at Stevens Institute of Technology, will travel to Miami to present and participate at IEEE GLOBECOM 2010. As the premiere international conference for communications and networking technologies since 1957, IEEE GLOBECOM 2010 offers a rich technical program and features high-level speakers and attendees from industry, academia, and government. IEEE GLOBECOM has experienced recent explosive growth and this year the conference will draw over 2500 attendees to the Hyatt Regency Miami on December 6-10.

Dr. Mitola, IEEE Fellow, will be featured at the conference as a panelist in the Wireless Communications Forum. The panel, which revolves around the theme, "A Glimpse of the Future of Wireless Communications," will also host three other academics and Fellows pioneering the field of reliable, wireless communications at MIT, Harvard, and the University of Texas. Panelists will share their perspectives on paradigm shifts looming in the maturing field of wireless communication systems.

With a background in developing advanced, secure communications systems, Dr. Mitola will focus his remarks on emphasizing the importance of security in future commercial systems for electric power, healthcare, and other critical infrastructures. During the conference, Dr. Mitola will also be participating in a policy meeting for the IEEE Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee.

In addition to the in-depth technical program, the conference will feature a keynote address from Dr. Regina Dugan, Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). With a mission to prevent strategic surprise for the United States and its defenses, DARPA is a critical consumer of the latest communications technologies and very active in the research and development of new secure solutions. Dr. Dugan's presence indicates a high-level awareness of the convergence of commercial and defense applications for emerging communications and networking protocols.

Speakers and attendees will represent academic, commercial, and government interests in the pursuit of the state of the art in communications and networking research and technologies.

Dr. Mitola is recognized internationally for his formulation and groundbreaking research in software-defined radio (SDR) and cognitive radio systems and technologies. In addition to having published the first technical paper on software radio architecture in 1991, Dr. Mitola has published widely and taught courses in software radio in the US, Europe, and Asia. His 1999 Licentiate Thesis in Teleinformatics, coined the term cognitive radio for the integration of machine perception of RF, visual and speech domains with machine learning into SDR to make dynamic spectrum access technically viable. His doctoral dissertation, Cognitive Radio (KTH, June 2000), created the first architecture for such autonomous radios, formulating the cognition cycle on which the sensing and opportunistic use of radio spectrum whitespace is based. As distinguished professor, Dr. Mitola continues to contribute to cognitive systems research and education.

Dr. Mitola is the recipient of many awards including the Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service, in recognition of his contributions to DARPA, and the Inaugural Recipient of the SDR Forum Industry Achievement Award. He has also served as the Editor in Chief of the Radio Communications Series IEEE Communications Magazine 1998-2003.

As Vice President for The Research Enterprise at Stevens Institute of Technology, The Innovation UniversityTM, Dr. Mitola is instrumental to the strategic alignment of academic research with innovation, entrepreneurship, teaching, and the creation of strategic global partnerships. His extensive experience in industry and government, as well as track record of innovative research in emerging technologies, are an essential asset to the Technogenesis® environment of academic entrepreneurship practiced at Stevens.

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