Stevens Cooperative Education Profiles - Nick Marzorati

<p><img src="/ses/oaca/images/nickm2.JPG" alt="" align="left" hspace="6" vspace="6" /><strong>Nick Marzorati</strong> is a current undergraduate <a href="/ses/me/">Mechanical Engineering</a> student who plans on achieving his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering/Nanotechnology by 2011. He is an active member of the Stevens <a href="">Cooperative Education (Co-op)</a> program and feels the experience has been invaluable in his career development.<br /> <br /> His involvement with the Co-op began during one of Stevens Interview days presented on campus where he met with the pharmaceutical company Shering-Plough (who was recently purchased by <a class="various3" href="" target="_blank">Merck</a>). Soon after he was contacted regarding a follow up interview and was hired as an integral part of the Shering-Plough team.</p>
<p>Nick describes the many benefits of Co-op involvement as including a substantial amount of real world experience that is impossible to replicate in the classroom. &ldquo;I&rsquo;ve had over 15 interviews with professional representatives, and 6 onsite interviews.&rdquo; He goes on to say, &ldquo;you get exposure to a wide variety of job tasks and on-the-job training, resume experience, plus the ability to truly understand how a business is run, how to prioritize work tasks, deadlines, teamwork and business ethics.&rdquo;</p>
<p>For the opportunity to improve your real world business and interview skills, build your resume and get a foot in the door with international companies, contact the <a href="">Co-op office</a> today!</p>
<p><strong>About the Co-op</strong></p>
<p>The Stevens Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a university program that allows students to get professional work experience while still in college. It is a unique opportunity for students to apply their academic preparation to "real world" situations in business and industry. At Stevens, the co-op program will provide you with the chance to combine classroom study with periods of paid professional employment directly related to your major and career goals.</p>