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The Stevens Community Welcomes Dr. Nariman Farvardin to Campus as Seventh President

Now that July 1st – Dr. Nariman Farvardin’s first day in office – has arrived, the campus is buzzing enthusiastically, eager to welcome him as he takes office as the seventh president of Stevens.

Looking back on January 26 when Dr. Farvardin delivered his first speech to Stevens faculty, staff, and students, Chelsea Shupe (BT ’13) recalls: “After hearing Dr. Farvardin speak for the first time I got a good feeling for the kind of person he is.  He seems very honest and genuine; someone who exemplifies the phrase, ‘actions speak louder than words’.”

The Stevens community was instantly encouraged by Dr. Farvardin’s presentation in DeBaun that day and feels confident in his new position.  Students cannot express enough the hope they have for him as their new President.

"It's always exciting to see new leadership; it implies change and change is good. I'm looking forward to see what Dr. Farvardin does when he steps in and if I'll be able to feel any changes from a student’s perspective,” Armand Reyes (EM ’13) said. “I welcome him to Stevens today and wish him the best of luck as our new President.”

Faculty and staff share the warm wishes and enthusiasm.  Dawn Digrius, Assistant Professor of History in the College of Arts and Letters said, “I am excited for Dr. Farvardin's arrival at Stevens, as he seems to be very supportive of international opportunities for our students. I am encouraged by his commitment to growing Stevens and building on our current successes."

“I also am very excited to welcome Dr. Farvardin and feel confident based on his breadth of experience that he will be an asset to the Stevens community,” remarks Kristie Damell, Associate Director of the Office of Student Life. “I believe the students are eager to see what he brings to campus and how he will help Stevens continue on its path towards excellence in all areas of campus life.”

Maia Hadidi, a very active member of the Stevens community, comments from her unique perspective: "I've been a part of the Stevens family for eight years - first as an undergraduate student, and then transitioning to alumna, graduate student and current employee. I am so excited to have Dr. Farvardin joining the Stevens family. I am enthusiatic for his plan to work with alumna and the positive impact this will have all across campus!"

Other alumni are buzzing about Dr. Farvardin’s arrival, too. Meagan Ritter (BS ’11) states, “I believe that with Dr. Farvardin's experience he is going to be a tremendous asset to the educational experience that Stevens offers.  I’m excited to see what Dr. Farvardin will bring to the future of Stevens.”

Recent graduate, former student body president, and also a member of the presidential search committee Stephanie Spelman (BE ‘11 and SE ’11) concluded, “I am so excited that Dr. Farvardin’s first official day is finally here. I am envious of all the students still attending Stevens and am confident that he will do a wonderful job.  Congratulations and Best of Luck!”

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