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The Stevens Community Welcomes Dr. Nariman Farvardin

The community has been buzzing the past few days, following the announcement of Dr. Nariman Farvardin as the Seventh President of Stevens. In addition to an overall feeling of excitement and anticipation on campus, people are posting positive comments to our social media sites like Facebook and tweeting the news and welcome messages on Twitter. It is clear that the Stevens community is looking forward to Dr. Farvardin joining us when he officially takes on his new role in July.

Not long after the announcement went out on Tuesday, recent graduate Timothy J. Sigler (BE ’10) posted to the Stevens Facebook page: “I look forward to the opportunities we will see from the leadership of a man with so much experience in the fields this school was founded to promote. From everything I have read, Dr. Nariman Farvardin will be a perfect choice for this growing University.” Several other people, including students and staff, echoed his sentiment, commenting what an impressive CV (resume) Dr. Farvardin brings with him.

Around campus, the feedback has been overwhelming. The general consensus is that Dr. Farvardin will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to his new role, and people are looking forward to seeing where Stevens will go under his leadership.

Kendra Appleheimer (BE ’12) said: “I am interested in seeing what direction he is planning to take the school.  From what I've read about his engineering background and success at UMD, he seems like a good match for Stevens at this time.”

It’s not just students and alumni who have expressed their enthusiasm for Dr. Farvardin’s appointment. Michael Bruno, dean of the Schaefer School of Engineering and Science said: “Dr. Farvardin has lived virtually every step of a faculty member's career, excelling in all. His talents and experience, combined with an obvious passion for leading edge research and entrepreneurship, make him uniquely suited to lead Stevens.”

“Dr. Farvardin is a true academic enterprise builder, and Stevens provides the perfect platform to perpetuate this leadership, including building on our research momentum via our three national research centers,” continued Dinesh Verma, dean of the School of Systems and Enterprises. “The alignment of Dr. Farvardin’s passion and leadership and the very DNA of Stevens – academic entrepreneurship, research, service to the community and commitment to alumni – is apparent and it's exciting to be part of Stevens as we continue to grow under his leadership.”

Interim President and University Provost George P. Korfiatis has stated his warm welcome to Dr. Farvardin as well: “I am extremely pleased to welcome Dr. Nariman Farvardin to the Stevens community as the seventh president of our great University. He will bring his extensive experience and vision to this role and continue to grow Stevens as a global leader in education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Off campus, but still in the community, the City of Hoboken has embraced the news as well, including sharing it on their social media sites to the friends and neighbors of Stevens. Mayor Dawn Zimmer added her welcome to our new president: “I congratulate Dr. Farvardin and welcome him to our great city. I look forward to working with him and the entire Stevens community to continue to strengthen the bonds between the university and Hoboken.”

Kyle Yandell, class of 2011 and member of the Stevens Student Faculty Alliance (SFA), concluded: “In general, the Stevens community seems excited at the prospect of new leadership.  Dr. Farvardin's unique qualifications inspire great expectations from students and faculty alike.  Stevens has always been a university which has taken great pride in being on the forefront of education and innovation.  There is a great deal of confidence that under Dr. Farvardin's guidance Stevens will continue to live up to this precedent and fulfill its potential as a premier educational and research university.”