Stevens Athletics Releases the Quack Pack

For the last few years, the Stevens Athletic Department has been on a mission to revamp the student cheering sections at athletic competitions and events. Its newest initiative is the creation of a student cheering squad called the Quack Pack in an effort to increase attendance at home games.

“The Quack Pack is designed to increase school spirit and excitement at our intercollegiate athletic contests, and in the process hopefully bring more people out to our games,” said Stevens Director of Athletics Russell Rogers.

Stevens athletes love having a crowed and obtaining steady attendance from their community is important to them.

“The bigger a crowd at a game, the louder the cheering, which really brings energy to the players and motivates us to play harder,” said Spencer Waybright, co-captain of the Stevens women’s lacrosse team. 

The Stevens Athletic Department hopes that the Quack Pack will change the perception that students have toward athletics by welcoming both athletes and non-athletes. The cheering squad is open to any student beginning Jan. 18. 2013. Members of the Quack Pack will receive preferred seating at athletic events, as well as discounts or free items from different venues in Hoboken.

“We are trying to make the games a true event and really the place to be on campus – not just for student-athletes but the entire campus community,” said Rogers.

The Quack Pack cheering squad was created by the Stevens Athletic Department in a joint effort with the student body. Students helped by choosing the name and designing the logo.

First, in November, a survey with the four possible name options – “Quack Pack,” “Attila’s Army,” “Quack Attack,” and “Castle Point Crazies” – was sent out to students via email. The survey was open for two weeks, at which time Quack Pack proved to be the winner with a 41 percent vote.

After the name of the cheering squad was chosen, the Stevens Athletic Department engaged students in a logo design contest. Like many of his peers, Zak Moy, the winning designer, jumped at the change to participate.

“I love contributing to the Stevens image,” said Moy, an Art & Technology major focused on graphic design for branding identities.

With very few specifications in hand, and the freedom of creativity, Moy, along with other interested students, created multiple logos to be considered for the contest.

“I wanted the logo to have a traditional feel to reflect the branding of Stevens, but to also make it sporty and modern,” said Moy.

Moy’s winning logo was chosen with input from coaches and consensus among a promotions committee.

“We went around to all the coaches on campus and asked for their input,” said Assistant Director of Sports Information Justin Lutes. “Then we met as a group with a few students and made a final decision based off the suggestions from the coaches.”

The winning design was revealed to the Stevens community on Dec. 11, 2012, and the Stevens Athletics Department is now in the process of ordering the design on shirts and other fun products for use by the Quack Pack.

The Stevens Athletic Department plans to further publicize the Quack Pack by advertising specific games, similar to the methods of promoting Duck Country games. The hope is to eventually push for all games to be Quack Pack games.

Stevens students are curious about the new Quack Pack and excited to see it in action.

With the kickoff just around the corner at the Empire 8 basketball double header against Nazareth College on Jan. 18, 2013, Rogers hopes the Quack Pack shows up in full force to support the Ducks and even more members of the Stevens community are enticed to join.

“My feeling is that every single one of our teams offers a good product and if we can continually work to get people out there they will enjoy themselves and come back,” Rogers said.