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Stevens Announces New Minor in Systems Engineering

To be successful, today’s engineers must not only be experts in their chosen field, they must also possess a broad view of the larger systems into which their work will be integrated, understand the customers those systems will serve, and be able to collaborate effectively across traditional disciplines.

To enhance their abilities in these areas, undergraduate engineering students in Stevens’ Schaefer School of Engineering and Science (SES) will have the option of a new minor beginning in the 2012 fall semester. For the first time, the School of Systems and Enterprises (SSE) will offer a minor in Systems Engineering.

“Today, major scientific and technological advances require partnership between many different engineering fields. The Systems Engineering minor will enhance the interdisciplinary perspective and collaborative abilities of Stevens’ engineering graduates, enabling them to excel in complex engineering projects and aid in the development of successful systems,” said Michael Pennotti, director of systems programs at SSE.

The six-course Systems Engineering minor consists of four required EM courses: Project Management; Innovative System Design; Elements of Operations Research; and Introduction to System Architecture and Design, and one humanities course, Ethical Issues in Science and Technology, which may be taken as a humanities elective.  Students also must take one approved course from their major department that addresses the interrelationships between the elements of a complex system and complete an interdisciplinary Senior Design Project. As with all engineering minors, the program requires a two-course overload.

The Systems Engineering minor is open to undergraduates who are majoring in any of the traditional engineering disciplines offered in SES – i.e. Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Naval Engineering. Admission to the SE Minor is by application and students must have achieved a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3 and have had at least one related Cooperative Education assignment or an approved summer internship.

Learn more about Stevens’ Systems Engineering minor at /sse/academics/undergraduate/systems-engineering.