Stevens and International Space University Expand International Partnership

To respond to the demand for an in-depth technical degree offering with a global perspective, Stevens Institute of Technology and the International Space University (ISU) have joined forces to offer a Graduate Certificate in Space Systems Engineering that can lead to either a Master's Degree in Space Systems Engineering or a Master's Degree in Systems Engineering.
“This program will allow experienced professionals to combine a robust technical education in space systems design and development with a holistic understanding of systems engineering principles, all in an international environment,” said Dr. Wiley Larson, Deputy Dean and Director of the Space Systems Engineering Program at Stevens.  Dr. Larson also served as head of engineering for ISU in Strasbourg, France for two years. 
ISU and Stevens signed a Memorandum of Understanding earlier this year to outline areas of collaboration in education, outreach, research, and professional development. 
“Both Stevens and ISU have strong brands and this program builds on our mutual strengths by combining
ISU’s international reach and reputation for multi-disciplinary space systems with Stevens’ space systems technical integrity,” noted Dr. Michael Simpson, ISU President.  “As ISU is expanding its offerings to include business and engineering, Stevens is the perfect match.” 
 “We also intend to collaboratively develop research opportunities in the area of systems and enterprise engineering and architecting, and systems and enterprise management and governance,” said Dr. George Korfiatis, Interim President of Stevens.
The ISU-Stevens space systems engineering graduate program is the first of its kind in content, delivery method, and global reach.  Applications are due December 17, 2010, and the first on-line class is scheduled to begin on January 24, 2011.  The program is designed to enable on-site course delivery in multiple locations around the world.  Information and application materials are available at: