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Stevens Alumnus Rubens Titus Writes Book on Haiti Revolution

Stevens — Howe School Alumnus is Published

Rubens Titus, MS’ Telecommunications Management

Stevens alumnus Rubens Titus ‘05, a network operations specialist with Bell-Atlantic/Verizon Communications Inc., has written “Roadmap to Haiti’s Next Revolution:  A Plan for Diaspora Haitians to Contribute to a Peaceful Turnaround” iUniverse, July 2012.

Titus is an amateur historian and macroeconomics enthusiast with a background in the physical sciences. His book attempts to understand the real underpinnings of the Haitian revolution while proposing labels for a number of the most well known events in Haiti's history.  He also tries to refute some of the most widely accepted contemporary misconceptions about the Haiti of today.  However, the core of this book is to point out the hard lessons Haiti’s history teaches us and to put forward a series of empirical proposals that can serve as the basis for future forum discussions among the concerned Diaspora Haitians, discussions that ought to lead to the adoption of a Haitian Diaspora Grand Plan for Haiti.

Titus is a native of Haiti privileged enough to have had access to a quality education in the U.S.  A graduate of Saint-Louis de Gonzague in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and NY Technical Institute (City University of New York), he pursued his graduate education at Stevens’ Howe School of Technology Management with a focus in Telecommunications Management.

“Stevens made me into an engineer and a thinker,” Titus said. “The knowledge that I have gained at the school transformed me from a technical person that followed instructions into a problem-solving manager that can pull out a blank sheet of paper and begin to brainstorm solutions.”

Titus’s foray into the publishing world began in 2006, when he became involved in focus groups interested in finding ways for the Haitian Diaspora to efficiently help the Haitian economy take off. As he studied Haiti’s history in depth, he found a correlation between what he learned at Stevens in the areas of macroeconomics, organizational structure and engineering and used these same principles to devise an empirical proposal that the Haitian Diaspora could adopt in its quest to lift Haiti up. 

“In all, I would not have been able to write my book if I had not attended Stevens,” Titus said.

Titus credits courses such as Engineering Economics & Management Policy and Decision Analysis for Network Systems, both taught by Professor Donald Merino, with helping him to understand the distinction between a simple or acceptable business decision and an efficient and effective one.

“Pursuing the M.S. program at Stevens has been a life changing experience for me; one that has brought self-confidence that I did not have prior to my time at Stevens, both in my abilities as a professional and writer,” Titus said.

Titus devotes his spare time to increasing the Haitian diaspora understanding of Haiti’s political and macroeconomic history.  His book can be found and purchased through various online merchants including Barnes &, and