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SSE Professors Heydari and Nilchiani receive prestigious DARPA award

Two SSE Assistant Professors, Dr. Babak Heydari and Dr. Roshanak Nilchiani received a prestigious DARPA award as a part of the F6 program, DARPA's Modular Space Initiative.  The award is for the SSE team's proposal on developing frameworks for the design of distributed heterogeneous modular systems and a decision tool based on value measurement of complex fractionated systems. The framework will be based on a Theory of Emergent Modularity (TEM), developed by Dr. Heydari using methodologies from transaction-cost economics and network theory and based on some new developments in evolutionary biology. The value-based design will also be based on modeling Flexibility and Robustness in modular heterogeneous systems and is a continuation of Dr. Nilchiani's work on Flexibility measurement in complex spacecraft systems. The results of the study are expected to be applied to a broad range of complex heterogeneous networked systems where human element is a determining factor. It is also expected to lay a theoretical foundation for distributed evolving complex systems.

More information on the project can be found at DARPA F6 page or by contacting Drs. Heydari and Nilchiani.

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