Social Sciences Major Gia Gonzales '13 Displays Research on Schizophrenia in Philadelphia

Student Gia Gonzales '13, accompanied by her advisor Prof. Susan Schept (Teaching Associate Professor, Social Sciences) took part in the Sigma Xi Research Symposium at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Gonzales, a Social Sciences major in the College of Arts and Letters with a concentration in psychology, has just completed her thesis on the etiology and treatment of schizophrenia. Her poster, which will also be on display for the CAL Senior Design Day, depicts her major findings and conclusions regarding genetic and environmental contributors to the disease.

"The Sigma Xi Research symposium was even more interesting than I was expecting," said Gonzales. "I was so happy to represent Stevens in a group of so many students from around the area. I was pleasantly surprised with the interest of the featured participants, faculty, and attendees for which I was able to communicate my passion for psychology to many interested listeners. It's an experience I will never forget and am so thankful I participated in."

In total, one hundred seventy undergraduate and graduate students displayed their research work in science, mainly in the fields of biochemistry and ecology, and in the social sciences, including psychology and sociology, to other students and professors.