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SERC Announces Realignment of Management Team

The Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC), a University-Affiliated Research Center, was formed in 2008 by the U.S. Department of Defense as a strategic asset. Managed by Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, the SERC is composed of 23 Collaborator Universities working together to fulfill the SERC’s vision of being the Networked National Resource to further systems research and its impact on issues of national and global significance.

The SERC is realigning its management team in response to growing sponsor demands and an evolving business and research strategy. Effective immediately, the SERC management team and roles will be:

  • Executive Director – Dr. Dinesh Verma
  • Chief Operating Officer – Dr. Art Pyster
  • Chief Technology Officer – Dr. Jon Wade
  • Chief Scientist – Dr. Barry Boehm
  • Director of Program Development and Transition – open position
  • Director of Business Operations – Doris Schultz

In his continuing role as Executive Director, Dr. Verma of Stevens retains overall responsibility for the management and success of the SERC.  As Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Pyster will be responsible for strengthening current sponsor relationships and managing contracts, finances, and operations with the support of Ms. Doris Schultz.  The previous position of SERC Director of Research is replaced by the two positions of Chief Technical Officer and Chief Scientist.  As Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Jon Wade will be responsible for evolving research strategy, strengthening Collaborator relationships, and managing, communicating, and nurturing knowledge created by the SERC.  Dr. Barry Boehm, from the University of Southern California, will oversee research execution and chair the SERC Research Council.  Finally, the position of Director of Program Development and Transition has been created to manage strategic communications, develop new sponsor relationships, and secure new research funding.  A national search is now underway to fill this critical position as soon as possible.

This new management structure increases the resources and focus devoted to managing the SERC research portfolio, while maintaining the operational strength that has enabled the SERC to grow these last five years. Moreover, it establishes the Director of Program Development and Transition dedicated to growing the sponsorship and resources necessary for the SERC to achieve its vision and fully serve the Department of Defense.

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About SERC

The Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) is a US Department of Defense University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) led by the School of Systems of Enterprises at Stevens Institute of Technology. It consists of a network of 23 prominent research institutions and over 300 researchers from across the nation focused on enhancing the nation’s knowledge and capability in the area of systems engineering thinking to address critical global issues. It is the first and largest initiative focused on systems engineering research in the United States. Through its collaborative research concept, the SERC embodies the potential to radically improve the application of systems engineering to the successful development, integration, testing and sustainability of complex defense systems, services and enterprises. Since the SERC’s founding in September 2008, more than 30 sponsored systems engineering research projects have been completed or are underway.