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Second Edition of Freshman Experience Reader Published by College of Arts and Letters

The College of Arts and Letters has published a second edition of Knowledge, Nature, Culture: An Introduction to the Humanities and Social Sciences. The book is used for the Freshman Experience at Stevens, a year-long program undertaken by all first-year students comprising two complementary courses, one focused on academic research and writing and the other on humanistic inquiry.

“We're very excited about the new edition of Knowledge, Nature, Culture,” said Prof. Jennifer McBryan, director of the Freshman Experience. “It represents our effort to expand the canon and broaden the scope of what students will encounter during their first year studies. What we learned from the first edition is that students and faculty are always looking for more: more texts, more voices, more perspectives, and above all, more ways to make connections. We've tried to encourage that natural curiosity with this new edition.”

“The book was a result of over a year’s worth of meetings, discussions, debates, and most of all the sharing of passion and wisdom by our Freshman Experience faculty,” said Lisa Dolling, Dean of the College of Arts and Letters.

The works that were chosen for inclusion in Knowledge, Nature, Culture introduce students to the humanistic disciplines of history, literature, philosophy, social sciences, art and music. These works also provide students with an understanding of the continued importance of these disciplines in contemporary society, and prepare them for the sorts of intellectual debates and discussions that frequently take place in college classrooms.

“By thinking critically about these works, students will gain the intellectual tools necessary to go on to succeed in whatever profession they choose. Our goal is to imbue in them a passion for life-long learning that enables them to succeed first and foremost as responsible agents in the world,” Dean Dolling said.

The book is given to all incoming students as a gift from the College of Arts and Letters.

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