The SEBoK v. 1.1.2 and the SEBoK Sandbox Are Now Available


The Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) v. 1.1.2 is available at improvements have been made to the functionality of the wiki since v. 1.1.1, including:

  • Version number referencing was removed from the main URL. Any reference to version numbers that can cause breakage to bookmarking attempts, linking from materials to our sites, etc. have been edited so that they no longer appear or impact these URLs. 
  • Citation information has been updated to include the latest version number.
  • A "Meet the Editors” page has been added that introduces the current Editorial Board of the SEBoK and identifies the areas of responsibility for each editor.

Perhaps the most important change, however, is the companion release of the SEBoK Sandbox – a community collaborative space for contributing more directly to the SEBoK. The Sandbox is available at and its current design gives the public the opportunity to contribute in a variety of ways. 

There are 4 ways to submit contributions:

  • Edit a Copy of an Existing SEBoK Article (currently version 1.1.2)
  • Submit New Material
  • Recommend a Structural Change
  • Submit Comments (using a comment form or DISQUS)

The Sandbox will be monitored by the SEBoK Editorial Board and submissions will be folded into future iterations of the SEBoK as appropriate. Any member of the community wishing to provide contributions to the SEBoK is encouraged to register for a Sandbox account and reach out to the appropriate editor(s) for their areas of interest. Full instructions on using the Sandbox can be found in the Sandbox at

The Sandbox is open to the public until September 30 to support the Editorial Board’s preparation of content for SEBoK v. 1.2.  When SEBoK v. 1.2 is published it is our intent to reopen the Sandbox for public recommendations and contributions to the most updated version.

If you have any questions about the SEBoK or the Sandbox, please feel free to contact the BKCASE team at [email protected] - we look forward to your participation!