Sculpting an Award-Winning Career: Two Visual Art and Technology Students Interning at the CLIO Awards

Two students from the Visual Arts and Technology program at Stevens Institute of Technology landed internships at the CLIO Awards this semester. The Clio Awards is the world’s most recognized international awards competition for advertising, design, interactive and communications.

Seniors Zak Moy and Melissa Chong are both working to organize the design submissions for the upcoming CLIO Awards. The Awards receive over 10,000 entries annually, and both Zak and Melissa are responsible for ensuring each submission is assigned to appropriate category for judging. There are ten categories for the Awards, giving both students a unique opportunity to view a variety of submissions from around the world.

“I love the large amount of direct exposure I have with the design submissions and the ability to study all the content in close proximity,” Melissa said. “I hope to understand more about how the business of a globally recognized awards competition operates and to become familiar with the commercial and branding industries’ innovations.”

“I think the experience with CLIO will definitely give me perspective for becoming a great designer. For me, this internship is exposing me to the sheer brilliance that some of these design companies have.  Everyday, I get to see the best of the best from around the world and learn about different companies and different cultural aesthetics. Most people don't get to see all of the designs I get to see in a single day,” Zak said.

Melissa and Zak are graduating with their Visual Arts and Technology degrees in May, and both are excited for their future careers in the art and design industry. Melissa plans to work in the fashion and art or entertainment industry, while Zak is keen to work as a graphic designer for a branding agency or consultancy.

“As a Stevens student I have had a great amount of experience and chances to focus on many different artistic and technological interests,” Melissa said. “I have now worked with numerous mediums and have been able to pursue a unique expertise in the creative industries I am interested in such as design, social media, communications, illustration and film. The VizTech program has fostered a rare environment for any student to learn and hone in on the skills they personally want to strive for in their college career.”

Likewise, Zak has used his creative skills to design a number of official graphics used at Stevens, including the Visual Arts and Technology logo, Stevens Quack Pack, and the branding elements for Ecohabit, Stevens 2013 Solar Decathlon team.

“My dream job is to work as a graphic designer for a branding agency and consultancy. I love the idea of giving people/companies/campaigns an identity and helping them find their voice. Plus, I love collaboration among designers and designing for multiple clients-something I feel only a larger agency could offer to me. Each submission for the CLIO Awards lists the contributors and designers for each project and I hope one day to be one of those names.”


The 54th Annual CLIO Awards will honor the best of the year’s work with a Winner’s Gallery and Awards Ceremony at the American Museum of Natural History on May 15, 2013.
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