School of Engineering Relaunches its Online Research Magazine

Stevens Institute of Technology announces the relaunch of Nexus, the university’s online research magazine for the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr.  School of Engineering & Science,

Nexus is a publication for people interested in learning more about engineering research and news in four major research areas including: energy & environment; systems & security; nano-technology & multiscale; and biomedical & health. The Spring issue is the first to showcase a new site design that’s more visual and user-friendly and includes more technical research articles than before.

“Readers want and need to see a more complete picture of how much good work is happening in the School of Engineering and Science,” says Michael Bruno, Feiler Chair Professor and Dean, School of Engineering and Science. “Nexus serves as the window into our research for the campus community, our external partners, journalists, and our alumni.”

Each issue focuses on a topic or domain area that is of current national/global interest, or that highlights an emerging area of strength within the School.  The Spring issue is centered on the issue of information assurance or privacy and the work of Stevens’ researchers in this area.

A Sneak Peak into Nexus’ Spring 2014 Issue

As the digital age has transformed our lives for the better, connecting us in ways unimaginable only 10 years ago, so, too, has it ushered in an era of widespread concern for the safety and security of these connections, and the privacy on which so much of our personal and professional lives depend.

Stevens researchers are leading several different initiatives aimed at providing information assurance for both transmitted and stored data; ensuring the security of wireless networks, machines, and software; and enhancing the privacy protections of essential systems and processes, including our healthcare networks.  In this issue of Nexus, you will learn about many of these initiatives.