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Professor Andy Brick Scores at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Professor Andy Brick's Musical Score for the dramatic film SHIFT has helped that film win best short film at the Optic Nerve Film Festival held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami, Florida.  

In the words of the film makers Anja Marais and Juan Carlos Zaldivar: "It was such a joy to see the film in its entirety with you composition. It was beautifully written and interpreted and wrapped up the emotions and storyline in a spot on fashion. Thank you for the wonderful work."
SHIFT follows the birth and life of a character who is born from a tree and whose face is stolen by a wild dog. After wandering the landscape reflecting its environment, looking for home, our character's vision returns in an unsuspecting turn of events. Through this film, the artists invite you to accept new ways to be and to co-exist despite our loses and limitations. The film also speaks to our new condition as contemporary nomads. As new technologies allow us to drift into other cultures and realities, often in anonymity, we walk a tense line as we figure out our relationship to the stories around us and to ourselves.
Professor Brick is a Distinguished Industry Associate Professor of Music and Technology in the Department of Arts and Letters at Stevens Institute of Technology.