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Prof. Yang's nanowire research featured on

Professor E. H. Yang, director of the Nanoelectronics & Nanomechanics Lab, along with Dr. Ning Gao and Professor Hongjun Wang, are featured on for their research involving the use of “antibody-functionalized nickel nanowires for magnetically separating mouse endothelial cells.”

According to the article, the efforts of Professor Yangs’ team have revealed that “the cell separation yield is closely related to the cell concentration and the nanowire/cell ratio. Reporting their results in the journal Nanotechnology, they have functionalized nickel nanowires using antibodies to compare the cell separation capabilities of the material with those of commercial magnetic beads.”

Essentially this work demonstrates that antibody-functionalized nickel nanowires are a promising alternative to microbeads for efficient cell separation and provides valuable data for the application of antibody-functionalized nanowires. It also points towards “further bioapplications of nanowire-bound cells after separation.”

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