Prof. John Horgan Publishes Article on Unmanned Drones in March Issue of National Geographic

Professor John Horgan (Director, Center for Science Writings and Department Head of Science Communication) published an article in the March issue of National Geographic. His article, “Unmanned Flight”, explores the technological and societal implications behind the use of unmanned drones in the United States.

"I was delighted when National Geographic asked me to write about drones, because I find them fascinating. They have so much potential for ill or good, and they're evolving so quickly,” Prof. Horgan said.

"Unmanned Flight" reveals the history behind the use of unmanned drones as a defense tool against terrorists, as well as their impending technological impact in the U.S., including potential uses for border patrolling, crop dusting, and citizen surveillance.

Prof. Horgan, a seasoned author and career science writer, said that the College of Arts and Letters’ new program in Science Communication will train students to communicate technical information in a meaningful way.

“We need people who can research and write about complex SciTech stories like this, which is why we have started the new Science Communication program at Stevens."

To read "Unmanned Flight", click here.