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PMI Grant Awarded to Patanakul

Dr. Peerasit Patanakul, in collaboration with Dr. Young Hoon Kwak George Washington University, Dr. Min Liu, North Carolina University and Dr. Ofer Zwikael, The Australian National University

     The application and performance of project, program, and portfolio management in government is historically poor as reported by United States Government Accountability Office, United Kingdom’s National Audit Office, Australian National Audit Office, and others. The goal of this research is to propose a strategic roadmap for successful implementation of project, program, and portfolio management in government. This research will analyze the performance of past and on-going government projects by identifying factors of success/failure of government projects and programs from a global perspective. The key lessons learned of managing government projects will be captured and classified into a comprehensive database of worldwide government projects and programs that can be used for both practitioners and academics. The primary data will be collected and analyzed using publically available government data and published audit reports.

     This research will identify common reasons for poor project performance in government, analyze relationships between the performance of government projects and programs and their characteristics (e.g. budget size, duration, scope, and team composition), and report key lessons learned and provide recommendations to improve the project management performance in government. The researchers are particularly interested in mega projects as many of the government initiated or government funded projects are large and complex. Three major sectors in the government have been identified to evaluate and analyze project management practices and performance: Transportation/infrastructure; defense/space; and information systems development and deployment.

     From the practitioners’ perspectives, this research and the proposed strategic roadmap will help government officials, project planners, and project managers make better decisions by proactively planning, managing and controlling government projects. From the academics’ perspectives, this research will contribute to the body of knowledge of better understanding the challenges and opportunities of applying and implementing project, program, and portfolio management in government.


Only three research projects were awarded a grant from over 100 proposals submitted this year to PMI.


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