Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Faculty Recognized

<p><img title="Industry Professor Elaine Pratt" src="/ses/images/fileadmin/images/elaine-pratt-medium.jpg" alt="" width="200" align="right" hspace="10" vspace="10" /><a title="Professor Elaine Pratt Faculty Profile" href="/ses/about/Elaine-Pratt/id/138" target="_top">Industry Professor Elaine Pratt</a> has been recognized by the <strong>Stevens Institute of Technology</strong> <a title="Stevens Cooperative Education Office (Co-op)" href="/sit/admissions/careers/coop.cfm" target="_top">Office of Cooperative Education</a> as the 2011 Academic Advisor of the Year. This award recognizes Professor Pratt's dedication to advising co-op students within the <a title="Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Graduate Program" href="/ses/me/pharmaceutical-manufacturing" target="_top">Pharmaceutical Manufacturing</a> (PME) graduate program and her contributions to Cooperative Education outreach at Stevens. She was formally recognized for this honor at the Co-op Interview Day Luncheon on June 10.</p>&#13;
<p>"Professor Pratt brings tremendous real-world experience to the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing program," says <a title="Dr. Richard Berkof Faculty Profile" href="/ses/about/faculty_profile.php?faculty_id=67" target="_top">Dr. Richard Berkof</a>, Industry Professor and Director of PME. "This value translates to exceptional learning and work opportunities for Stevens students."</p>&#13;
<p>The Office of Cooperative Education calls on extensive industry connections to competitively place PME students in co-op jobs around the country. These are especially important for the program's many international students looking to master United States regulations and manufacturing processes. This exposure is critical for future careers within the US as well as for students returning to their home countries, where outsourcing is fueling major growth.</p>&#13;
<p><a title="Elaine Pratt on the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Graduate Program" href="" rel="prettyPhoto"><img title="Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Video, feat. Elaine Pratt" src="/ses/oaca/images/pharma-player.JPG" alt="Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Video" width="240" align="right" border="0" hspace="10" vspace="10" /></a>"Many of our Master's students are coming straight from undergraduate programs and are seeking real industry involvement from their academic programs," Professor Pratt reports. "Through the co-op program, our students not only get technical training and laboratory experience on-campus, but also real-world experience. Students have been successfully placed in jobs throughout the country, demonstrating that our students are in demand."</p>&#13;
<p>Since 1986, cooperative education has been an important part of the Stevens experience for many undergraduate students, who, while enrolled in cutting-edge academic programs, earn both professional experience and money in their fields. Graduate student participation has been growing through the efforts of the Office of Cooperative Education, which capitalizes on a growing network to connect students with employers in mutually-beneficial relationships. Recent faculty awardees as Co-op Academic Advisor of the Year are <a title="Dr. Siva Thangam Faculty Profile" href="" target="_top">Dr. Siva Thangam</a>, of <a title="Mechanical Engineering Department" href="/ses/me/" target="_top">Mechanical Engineering</a>, in 2010; and <a title="Dr. Kathryn Abel Faculty Profile" href="" target="_top">Dr. Kathryn Abel</a>, from the <a title="School of Systems and Enterprises, Systems Engineering Programs" href="" target="_top">School of Systems and Enterprises</a>, in 2009.</p>&#13;
<p>"We've had many students come back and tell us how important the program was to getting them a foot in the door in this industry," says Professor Pratt. "Incorporating Cooperative Education only adds even more value to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing at Stevens."</p>&#13;
<p>For more information, visit the <a title="Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Graduate Program" href="/ses/me/pharmaceutical-manufacturing" target="_top">Pharmaceutical Manufacturing</a> Web site or Stevens <a title="Stevens Graduate Admissions" href="/sit/graduate" target="_top">Graduate Admissions</a> to apply.</p>