Papers accepted to WIN

Howe School faculty and Ph.D. students are participating in the Workshop on Information in Networks [WIN] 2013 at the Stern School, NYU in October, they include:

Yegin Genc, Ph.D. student
Germán G. Creamer, Associate Professor
Yue Han Ph.D. student
Harris Kyriakou Ph.D. student
Jie Ren Ph.D. student

The papers accepted for WIN this year: 

  • Bernardo Creamer and Germán Creamer, Longitudinal Social Network Analysis of the U.S. Coal Market
  • Yegin Genc and Jeffrey V. Nickerson, Exploring Content with Semantic Transformations using Collaborative Knowledge Bases
  • Yue Han and Jeffrey V. Nickerson, Remix Networks in Scratch
  • Harris Kyriakou and Jeffrey V. Nickerson, Idea Inheritance, Originality, and Collective Innovation
  • Jie Ren and Jeffrey V. Nickerson, Examining the Relationship Between Online Review Sentiment and Sales: The Role of Product Price and Product Type

WIN is a Social Networks Summit intended to foster collaboration and to build community. The purpose of WIN is to bring together leading researchers studying ‘information in networks’ – its distribution, its diffusion, its value, and its influence on social and economic outcomes – in order to lay the foundation for ongoing relationships and to build a lasting multidisciplinary research community.



Contact Prof. Creamer [email protected] for more information.