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New Professional Development Programs Give Business Leaders the Edge in Technology

Stevens Institute of Technology has announced its professional development programs for 2016, offering courses that combine the latest technical knowledge and business skills for professionals seeking to advance their careers and develop their leadership capabilities.

The initial offering of courses, led by faculty from the School of Business, highlights the needs of technical professionals looking to develop their leadership skills. Additional courses from the School of Business provide an in-depth look at the challenges of leveraging data for business analytics.

Additionally the Schaefer School of Engineering & Science is offering an executives-in-residence program that focuses on the future of construction management practices. These highly focused courses give professionals the knowledge they need, and the techniques to apply technology and business concepts to today’s most pressing challenges.

These courses are part of Stevens’ ongoing effort to provide educational opportunities beyond the traditional full-time graduate school experience.

“Our goal is to help professionals master theoretical concepts and understand the practical applications that create real value for a company,” said Michael Nowlis, dean of the Center for Corporate and Professional Education (CCPE). “These courses draw on two core principles that characterize professional education at Stevens: a legacy of solving real-world problems and a faculty that combines academic knowledge with industry experience.”

The initial 2016 offerings are:

  • Leading Creative Collaborations in Technical Organizations (Jan. 13-14)
  • Leveraging Data for Business Intelligence (Mar. 21-22)
  • The Self-Aware Leader (May 18-19)
  • Construction Management Practice in the 21st Century: Executives-in-Residence – Think Tank 2016 (June 5-8)
  • Decision-Making Amidst Uncertainty (June 23-24)
  • Supply Chain Analytics for Decision-Making (Oct. 10-11)

To register for a course, or to get more information, visit the CCPE website. CCPE plans to add additional professional development programs from the School of Systems & Enterprises in early 2016.