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A New & Familiar Number for All Campus Safety Needs

The Stevens Police Department is always available and on-call for students. Now they’ve made it even easier and quicker to get in touch with a new and very recognizable number: 201-216-3911.
When faced with a situation that requires immediate attention from emergency personnel, the natural inclination is to dial 911. However, especially for Stevens students, there are some key factors to consider. The following are five important reasons that the Stevens community should dial EXTENSION 3911 instead:
·         The Stevens Police Department always has officers on campus who can respond immediately (usually within two minutes) to any emergency
·         The Stevens Police are trained to deal specifically with student needs and on-campus emergencies
·         Some 911 calls from our area are inadvertently re-directed to the New York City 911 system due to our proximity, thus delaying response time
·         Any 911 call made from a cell phone relays an approximate location of the caller at the time the call is made; this is often an inexact address which hinders response capability
·         The needs of the caller may extend beyond the initial emergency; Campus Police is equipped to continue serving student needs whereas 911 personnel may only be able to respond to the emergency situation
Current students, incoming students and parents are encouraged to include 201-216-3911 in their contact lists. The new, familiar number is designed to be an easy way for students to remember the number if needed in an emergency situation.
“Our mission is to help make the Stevens experience a safe one for everyone,” said Timothy J. Griffin, Chief of Police at Stevens. “The Campus Police department provides 24-hour escort service. We have officers with years of experience in both law enforcement and campus safety. Our department is in full operation seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”