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Mei Travels from Italy for Unique Stevens Master's Program

In the dead of winter 2012, Leonardo Mei '14 traveled all the way beautiful and historic Italy to visit Stevens, which he was considering for his graduate studies. The warm reception of the students and faculty members he met on campus protected him from the frigid cold temperatures, and soon, he was hooked.

“I got the chance to walk around campus and talk to some students who were working there,” said Mei, who earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in his home country. “I was impressed by the cordial and relaxed atmosphere and the hospitality shown by the people I met.”

The thing that struck Mei most was Stevens’ small size, which he felt made possible stronger and deeper personal connections which could make an impact and last a lifetime.

“These are the kind of connections that can be the basis of a professional network throughout one’s career, so I realized the opportunity to study and learn in such an environment would be an invaluable privilege,” said Mei.

Mei is pursuing his M.E. in integrated product development, an interdisciplinary program between mechanical engineering and project management.

“I believe that such a program represents a unique opportunity, since it merges a great amount of engineering with the fundamentals of business,” said Mei.

In the master’s program, Mei has gained both a strong engineering background and knowledge of management related subjects – both essential for a career in a technical field.

And Mei has already tested his classroom knowledge in the real-world by taking advantage of Stevens’ powerful career connections.

Last summer, he held an internship at Kerry Ingredients and Flavours, where he was responsible for collecting and analyzing production data in order to optimize process flow, writing standard operating procedures for new employee training, and monitoring productivity improvement.

“I was able to become familiar with the operation side of the food manufacturing company,” said Mei.

He said employers have been impressed with his broad and relevant skill-set.

“A multi-faceted education is the best preparation any student could have for this very competitive job market,” Mei said. “I believe that acquiring knowledge of the skills, tools and methods underlying the management process of mechanical engineering-based projects will make me advance towards my goal of becoming a project manager.”