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London Calling: Last Chance for Howe Students Seeking Short Study Abroad Experience

One of the pillars of a business education at Stevens is an understanding of how global the business climate has become. 

But there’s only so much you can convey in a classroom, which is why the Howe School is trying to create new opportunities for students to study abroad, even if they have commitments to jobs, sports or other extracurricular activities.

That’s the thinking behind a new program this spring that will send students to London, as part of the three-credit Global Business Seminar. Students will spend a week in London, and there is no additional tuition charge to go on the trip, though students will pay a fee to cover flights, hotels and other expenses.

Students interested in getting a taste of the study abroad experience can do so Monday, Feb. 10, in an information session in the fourth floor study lounge in the Babbio Center, to be held from 6:15 to 6:45 p.m.

Dr. Ann Murphy, associate dean of undergraduate education at the Howe School, said international exposure is a critical component to a business education, particularly one like Stevens, which puts great emphasis on the global nature of industry.

“For students to truly understand what that means, the international experience is such an important way to go about it,” Murphy said. “Even just some exposure helps open their minds to the customs and culture that drive companies abroad.”

The trip will offer six days in the city, combining classroom exercises with a chance to explore the city and gain exposure to its business climate. Also included will be an alumni networking event.

Attendance is limited to 30 students, so anyone interested is urged to attend Monday’s information session.

Howe students have had plenty of rewarding experiences in studying abroad, several of which have been described on the school’s [email protected] blog. Among the destinations where students have studied are Dublin, Paris and a nine-country tour through the Semester at Sea program.

Jessica Spanier, a junior Business and Technology major, completed Semester at Sea last summer, and called the experience unforgettable. Her travels took her to places such as Morocco, Greece and Portugal.

Going abroad to study has incredible value, she said, especially for anyone studying business.

“It’s so beneficial because in a business setting, in friendships, in whatever it may be, you have a better sense of where different people are coming from — especially in this area, where there’s so much diversity,” Spanier said. “And in global companies, you’re working with people from different countries, so you have to be sensitive to a different culture, especially if you’re trying to make partnerships in other countries.”