Letting Social Media be the Guide on Driving Innovation

Registration has opened for the 23rd annual conference held by the Howe School Alliance for Technology Management, which will focus on the emergence of social data analytics as a driver of innovation.

This year’s topic attempts to meet a challenge posed by members of the HSATM, namely, how executives can build business strategies around the limitless data available to them through social networks. Speakers will showcase some of the cutting-edge analytical and statistical techniques available to better understand what’s influencing customer behavior, and to improve decision-making all along the value creation chain — from product development to marketing, competitive analysis, pricing, problem anticipation, fraud detection and enterprise risk management.

The theme and topics are designed to be rewarding for professionals in product development, customer support, marketing, business development, digital strategy, business intelligence and analytics, and information technology. 

HSATM, an alliance of partners in industry, government and academia, provides partner organizations with education and training to help executives better manage technology for strategic advantage. It does so by sharing best practices at roundtable meetings, annual conferences, workshops and its KnowHowe publication. Partners also gain access to Howe School faculty and the cutting-edge research being done in areas such as information systems, analytics, managing, marketing and economics. Partners hail from industries such as telecommunications, insurance, publishing, manufacturing and defense.

The daylong conference begins with a continental breakfast at 8 a.m., and will take place at the Babbio Center of the Stevens Institute of Technology, in Hoboken, on June 26. Click here for more information about the conference and the guest speakers; to register for the event, click here.

Previous conference topics have included innovation strategies, risk management and innovation, leadership in changing environments and more.