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Innovation Leaders Congregate at Stevens April 29th

Stevens Institute of Technology is attracting innovators and entrepreneurs nationwide to Research and Entrepreneurship Day 2011, the annual showcase of Stevens diverse intellectual property and technology transfer programs. World-renowned keynote speakers Dr. Vijay Govindarajan and Mark W. Johnson will join Stevens students and faculty to demonstrate the power of bridging the gap between research and business in academia. Investors, entrepreneurs, private and corporate partners, alumni, and peer researchers will derive value in experiencing Stevens portfolio of innovative research and entrepreneurship activities.

Featured Innovations Attila Technologies
Never Drop a Call Again
Attila enables wireless devices to simultaneously connect to multiple wireless networks, like 3G, Wi-Fi, and satellite, to achieve unparalleled performance. Nicolas Girard, President and Co-Founder, received awards from the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame and R&D Council of New Jersey for his invention.

Heat Wave
Fighting Hypothermia
Biomedical Engineering students are developing a new technique for treating patients suffering from hypothermia in a battlefield setting. They propose the application of heated, humidified air to a patient's airway as a complementary method to address this serious issue.
"Forward-thinking faculty at Stevens are bridging the gap between the laboratory and industry and transforming the standards of research and entrepreneurship in academia," says Dr. George P. Korfiatis, Provost and University Vice President. "This approach reflects our commitment to exploring research applications with a real impact on global society. It provides tremendous rewards for both our faculty and students."

R&E Day 2011 is the embodiment of University initiatives that promote an overall culture of entrepreneurship through research, education, and outreach. The natural outgrowth of these programs is Stevens Startups: eight spin-off companies whose growth and development is nurtured right here at Stevens. After faculty and alumni present their cutting-edge technologies, eight students representing eight teams of student inventors will present their own technology solutions in a fast-paced and exciting venture-style Elevator Pitch Competition.

Opening keynote speaker Dr. Govindarajan is "one of the world's hottest business gurus," according to Business Week. One of the most popular professors at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, he is an expert in the strategic execution of innovation and the coauthor of The Other Side of Innovation.

Mark Johnson's keynote will focus on his front-line experience and innovation strategy in the technology investment market. Cofounder and Chairman of Innosight, Johnson consults to the Global 1000 as well as tech startups in a broad segment of industries. His current focus is on managing transformational new growth in companies.

For peers and partners, the exhibition of Stevens research portfolio during the afternoon reception presents a unique opportunity to get a personal introduction to engineering, science, and systems research conducted at Stevens. Faculty will be on-hand to describe their cutting-edge work and answer questions.

Founded by a family of inventors and entrepreneurs, Stevens has a proud history of applying research to solve real problems. Building on the experiences of Stevens entrepreneurial faculty, the Office of Academic Entrepreneurship (OAE) brings a new dimension of thinking to Stevens. OAE is led by Dr. Christos Christodoulatos, who imparts wisdom to the next generation of academic entrepreneurs. Dr. Christodoulatos learned first-hand the challenges of being an entrepreneur during the development and sale of a company founded on a water-purification technology he co-invented at Stevens. He sees OAE's important role as that of creating an entrepreneurial environment where bright new ideas thrive.

To bridge the natural gaps between campus and commerce, Stevens also fosters training and external partnerships that enhance relationships between university startups and investors and entrepreneurs. Malcolm Kahn, Vice President of Enterprise Development and Licensing at Stevens, is a veteran serial entrepreneur with a hands-on knowledge of technology markets. By demonstrating how the University takes the initial steps to "De-Risk" its inventions, Kahn's office helps Stevens students, faculty, and partners realize the practical benefits of research for the greater good of society.

Seven Stevens Startups Generating Investment

CADeyes is a unique mobile mapping system that creates 3-D, 2-D and fly-through drawings of structures and terrain.

ID8 Systems is an in-revenue company that helps organizations ideate, collaborate, and problem-solve through a unique crowd-sourcing platform.

InStream Media is a software company developing advanced text analytics and forensic applications to identify deception in online communications and Web applications.

SpiderRadio is a cognitive radio technology company that provides standards-compliant software solutions for automatically recognizing and using wireless spectrum in different bands.

SEAHORSE POWER is an offshore ocean energy technology company with a patented second-generation wave energy generation system that supplies 3x the power of competitive systems, making wave energy economical.

SPADES provides harbor and ship based security systems and monitoring services using advanced passive acoustic sensors to detect divers, semi-submersibles, and other vessels at long distances.

Plasmionix is an analytical instrument company that supplies mass spectrometer detection systems at a new low price point for applications in security, medical diagnostics, research, and quality control.