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Industry Pros Choose Stevens’ Telecom Program for Its Cutting-Edge Curriculum and Online Classes

When it comes to pursuing a master’s degree in telecommunications, seasoned professionals who are working in the industry can be pretty discerning when choosing a school.  For Jeff Houston, who works at Sonus Networks and is a contractor for AT&T Mobility, the most important criteria for a master’s in telecommunications management was an up-to-date curriculum on the cutting edge of technology with an ability to take classes online. The only program that fit the bill, he said, was the one at Stevens.

“It was phenomenal how updated the syllabus was to what is actually being used in the industry — and that’s not something I’ve seen in any other programs. Usually, they’re a couple years behind of what the industry is using,” described Houston.

Keeping up to date in an industry that’s undergone dramatic change in both mobility and broadband networks is a key focus in Stevens’ telecom program, according to Professor Kevin Ryan, the program director.

Another key strength of the program is the remote learning experience — part of the technology emphasis that makes Stevens distinct. At Stevens, the online learning experience is truly immersive. For his lectures, Ryan uses a tool that captures what he writes on a white board onto a laptop screen that’s transmitted live to remote students following along. Audio equipment allows remote students to follow the conversation. 

Additionally, the remote learning experience accommodates full-time working professionals who may not have the option to attend a class.

“Unlike other schools, the entire master’s degree program was online,” Houston said. “I knew with my job — where I was traveling every week through the entire country — I wouldn’t have a problem completing coursework.”