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Hurricane in Hoboken: How We Helped

Stevens student Eric Noll shares how some students stepped up during Hoboken's recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

When Hurricane Sandy hit Hoboken, everyone in the community was affected – including Stevens’ students.  The one area of Hoboken that was essentially unharmed was Castle Point Terrace, where I live. 

Those of us who live in the Reed House at 806 Castle Point Terrace were very fortunate and we wanted to help however we could. Throughout the week we housed numerous guests so that they did not have to sit in the dark. Many students from the Stevens community used our house to get power, shower, eat and even sleep.

We reached out in other ways as well. For example, we were lucky to continue receiving meals from our chef on a daily basis, while other houses on the street were not able to get any food.  I spoke with our caterer, Fusion Foods, and asked their chefs to bring some extra meals. Throughout the week, Fusion Foods fed many additional students in many other houses.

In addition, we brought all of our leftovers to Walker Gymnasium, which was being used as a triage center for people all over Hoboken, so patients and emergency workers could enjoy hot meals. They always seemed very grateful and appreciative.

During the day, many of us went to City Hall to volunteer around town. We did all sorts of tasks assigned by head volunteers from the city, as well as Allison Outwater, a Stevens student who acted as a volunteer coordinator.

One day we went through apartment complexes and reached out to the older residences. We brought water up to the higher floors because their water was not working and they were unable to walk up and down the many flights of stairs.

Another day we delivered water bottles, food, blankets, clothing and other items to various locations all across the city. With the help of the National Guard, we loaded up buffalo trucks and rode shuttles to locations in need. When we arrived, we unloaded the supplies and went to individual apartments to see what residents needed.

The next day we delivered even more food and ice.  Volunteers set up an assembly line in order to unload an entire buffalo truck full of ice bags and bring it up to the fifth floor of the Marine View Plaza apartment complex on Fourth Street and Hudson Street. We also helped sort through all of the items donated to the city so that it would be easier to distribute them.