Howe Seniors Showcase their Senior Projects at Exciting Innovation Day

HOBOKEN, N.J. – On April 24th, Stevens Institute of Technology hosted its 5th annual Innovation Expo. Throughout the action-packed day, Stevens’ undergraduate seniors showcased more than 130 projects, to more than 500 students, faculty, area residents and executives from visiting companies.  The team projects represented a culmination of four years of rigorous curriculum and demonstrated a team’s ability to apply classroom knowledge to major, real-world designs. 

Business students from the Howe School had the option of pursuing a start-up business idea or being matched up with a real organization to help them solve an actual business problem. Given the Howe School’s focus on technology, students were challenged not only to develop business solutions but also to utilize technology effectively in those solutions.

"I couldn't have been more proud of our business seniors on Innovation Day. The projects they exhibited were a great representation of how much they have learned during their time here at Stevens,” says Ann Murphy, Associate Dean, the Howe School. “Whether it was the Happy Attack team that developed a unique on-line artist community or the RescueMe Earthquake Early Detection team that focused on marketing a new technology to first responders of disasters, our students demonstrated their strong business and technology know-how and ability to apply that knowledge for good.”


The Howe School lineup:

Project: St. Anthony’s School Tech Awareness Upgrade

The project helped administrators and teachers get online, into the cloud and get connected with resources to drive their individual digital competency and create more efficient systems for the school in Jersey City, NJ.
Team: Nick Dougert, Jonathan Drosos, Molly Herforth, Sheldon Jones and Jason Modi


Project: Solar House Decathlon: Fundrasing

The extensive Decathlon program relies on a solid business plan to fund the construction and transportation of the home to the competition after completion. The team developed a program to raise $1.3 million incash and goods from corporate sponsors.
Team: Paige Cataruozolo, Maggie Kowalska, Chris Rosensteel, Ryan Seiffert and Chelsea Shupe


Project: Stevens Transport

Greener pathways and ease of transportation on campus and potentially around the City of Hoboken are the goals for this project. The team created a business plan with a breakeven point and marketing plan for a bike rental program for Stevens students.
Team: Harrison Dorne, Richard Dupras, Brian Seldeen, Sumit K. Sinha and Mark Malecki


Project:  RescueMe App Marketing & Distribution

In disasters, a victim’s location is one of the most important aspects of rescue. This team developed outreach, distribution, and marketing for the iPhone-based RescueMe app to get into the minds and onto the smartphones of California rescue workers.
Team: Christine Eicher, Candice McKay, Nicole Serino and Spencer Waybright


Project: The Tozzle

The project, in which students worked with Dr. Robert Tozzi, Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at Hackensack University Medical Center, for medical advice and content, simplified medical research through a dynamic, simple web search toggle tool that could serve up just the right information on demand.
Team: Ekrem Cinar, Eric Cruz, Herman Saini, Kavi Walia and Bohan Zhang


Project: Baseball App

Ticket availability and stats are important game day requirements for baseball fans. This project delivered a cohesive and user-friendly app for baseball fans to get relevant and timely information about their team with a few taps on a smartphone.
Team: Tyler Courter, Josh Crouch, Mesfin Isaac, Matt Rodgers and Nick Walsh


Project: Happy Attack

In today’s era of digital sharing and creativity, Happy Attack bridges artist portfolios and information about New York-based events in order to bring them together for exhibits and social engagements where artists can show and sell their work.
Team: Krystal Perkins and Jay Weinberg


Project: TheMileSquare

Party planning might be fun but the cleanup? Not as much. This team developed a service that would provide keg beer delivery and pick up service to party hosts. The business plan includes an app that allows customers to track the delivery of their order.
Team: Trish Duford, Michael Jablonsky, Elizabethe Martin, Ryan Owens, Brian Schmalz


Project: MyMall Fashion App

Shoppers overwhelmed with searching for just the right fashion can find what they need at their local mall with help from the MyMall Fashion App. Users can plug in descriptions for apparel or accessories and the app will aggregate the findings for you.
Team: Shiqui Yao and Huidi Zeng

See photos from the day at Business Stevens on Facebook.