Howe School Interns

Howe Students Turn Summer Internships into Career Opportunities


When it comes to college internships, few schools in the country rival Stevens Institute of Technology, where students across the board, but especially business students, receive more internship assignments than most national universities.

At Stevens, 45% of students who received bachelor’s degrees from 2010 to 2011 graduated with internship experience. Business students topped those figures, with approximately 90% of students graduating with internship experience. 

The findings are part of a U.S. News & World Report “Short List” study that identifies particular strengths among schools ranked in the publisher’s annual Best Colleges issue. Based on the study, Stevens maintains overall internship rate of 45%, landing it on the number 10 spot on the list. The rate of internships is eight percent higher than the average of all colleges and universities (36.9%) and more than 15 percent higher than the average of all national universities (29.6%). 

And at Stevens many of those internships turn into full-time job offers. In fact, 15% of the Class of 2013 business students has already accepted full-time jobs, according to Lynn Insley, Director, Career Development. About two-thirds of those students received and accepted an offer from their internship employer.

Students have the opportunity twice a year to meet with businesses and organizations to pursue internship and career opportunities at a Winter and Spring Career Fair. But there’s no doubt that full-time offers are often based on strong internship experience. 

 “The best way to be a stand-out candidate for full time employment is to build relevant knowledge and experience through internships,” says Insley.

The Winter Career Fair took place on Dec. 5 when nearly 100 students met with more than 1000 employers. Participating companies included financial services firms such as Barclays, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs & Co and UBS along with global and local tech firms and consumer brands such as BMW, Verizon and Toys R Us.

Sean Levin, a Business & Technology major, attended the Career Fair in search of a summer internship that he is hoping to land with BMW, which was recruiting at the event.

Levin had a 10-week summer internship with JPMorgan Chase last summer in the tax area of the company’s private equity and real estate services group. One of the biggest benefits from the experience, he says, was developing his presentation skills.

“My presentation skills got better because we had to present to upper management frequently so that was definitely good practice,” says Levin.

While Levin enjoyed the assignment in downtown Manhattan he may pursue an internship with an automaker this summer since he loves cars. He’s hoping that BMW, which was at the Career Fair, BMW could be a good opportunity. “I’m still pursuing finance but I’d like to pursue BMW because I’m a really big car guy and the location is a place I could drive to rather than commute on mass transit.”

The next Career Fair will take place March 6, 2013. Meantime, students should register with Career Services to help prepare for internships. Participating students are first required to attend a Career Prep Workshop, which are offered weekly. To get started, email the Office of Career Development at [email protected] today.