Howe School Faculty at the INFORMS Healthcare 2013 Conference

Tal Ben-Zvi Assistant Professor, Jingyi Chen Ph.D. Student & Donald Lombardi, Industry Associate Professor — Have a Paper Accepted for The Informs Healthcare 2013 Conference


Breast Cancer Detection:  Making Predictions Using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes

Abstract—This study considers a situation where a patient is monitored for cancer. Once enough indications are given for the existence of cancer cells (for example, through screening), the patient is considered a cancer patient and treatment is suggested. The objective is to design an optimal strategy that guarantees accurate and timely cancer detection. We show that the optimal policy is of a Control Limit Threshold (CLT).

This work is the application of Markov Chains (a concept borrowed from Operations Research) in healthcare to detect breast cancer.


The Institute of Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS) is pleased to announce the second conference on healthcare, INFORMS HEALTHCARE 2013 in Chicago from June 23 - 26 2013. The conference aims to bring a diverse group of researchers and stakeholders together to share information and insights that can improve the long-term efficiency, effectiveness and quality of healthcare delivery.

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