Howe School Dean Visits China

Howe School Dean Visits China

Establishes research program with Chinese business school and global alumni relations

BEIJING, China – Carrying the mission of the Howe School and Stevens Institute of Technology globally, Gregory Prastacos, Dean of the Howe School, recently met with university leaders and alumni at the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing.

The goal of the week-long trip was to establish two joint research projects and expand program offerings with the Chinese university, with which Howe already has two joint programs. The two universities will also collaborate to develop a global alumni strategy as the international base of alumni continues to grow.

“The Central University of Finance has been an esteemed partner with Stevens and Howe for more than 10 years,” says Prastacos. “As the global business environment becomes more challenging and interdependent it is imperative that we strengthen these relationships in order to leverage our research capabilities, knowledge and cultural experiences.”

The trip marked the announcement of collaborative research projects between faculties of the two schools. Dr. Song Yanquin, CUFE, and Dr. Zvi Aronson, Howe, will undertake a project on Comparative Leadership Styles, which will focus on cultural influences and personal styles and the role they play in project-based work.

Additionally, Dr. Jia Chuanliang, CUFE, and Dr. Pangiotis Repoussis, Howe, will tackle Project Management as they examine priorities, trade-off decisions and reaching equilibriums between schedules, budgets and performance constraints in a multi-project environment.

The joint research programs help pave the way for continued collaboration as CUFE looks to expand the Business Intelligence & Analytics program and add a 4 + 1 program, which would enable students to pursue a graduate degree simultaneously with an undergraduate degree. The Howe School began the CUFE partnership began 10 years ago when the popular Beijing school began to offer the Project Management Graduate program.

“We are excited to expand our cooperation at the undergraduate level and to open the Business Intelligence & Analytics graduate program to our students,” says Professor Lin Zefu, Associate Dean, CUFE. Zefu says that he “values the collaboration” with Stevens because CUFE students get a “very valuable education and have an excellent student experience.”

Prastacos addressed the growing demand for Business Intelligence & Analytics management across financial, political and retail organizations with a presentation on “Building Analytical Capabilities in Today’s Competitive Organizations.”

“The volume of data created by today’s technology is hindering an organization’s ability to manage, summarize, analyze and implement collected data in a timely and scalable fashion,” he says.

To date, the Howe School programs have graduated more than 150 students through the CUFE program and those alumni are some of the strongest advocates of Stevens Institute of Technology and the Howe School. Since graduation, many alumni have secured jobs with large global organizations including China Development Bank, Johnson Controls, Jones Lang LaSalle, Lenovo, Ogilvy Financial, Skytrust Capital and Yamei Electronics. Alumni and guests attended the Howe reception at the city’s Grand Hyatt.

“During my term at Stevens I have had the opportunity to meet countless brilliant and successful alumni,” says Prastacos. “I have come to realize that the best ambassador of the school, the best example of the leadership we nurture and the best example of the excellence and quality of the education we provide is a Howe School graduate, no matter where they are based.”

The trip marked the first Stevens alumni event in Beijing and a significant advancement of the school’s academic and research collaborations in China.