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A Graduate Student Role Model: Jie Zhang ‘12 to Join Major Investment Bank

Even if they didn’t know him personally, most Stevens students graduate students were probably touched in some way by Jie Zhang, who will earn his M.E. in Computer Engineering this May.

As a student assistant in the Office of Graduate Student Affairs, Zhang helped to enhance the social lives of the graduate community by planning, organizing and promoting cultural and networking activities outside of the classroom, such as trips to Broadway shows, appearances by notable guest speakers from industry, parties to commemorate international holidays, and much more.

“I was really proud to serve as a bridge between the Stevens administration and the graduate students,” said Zhang, who also served as a graduate Orientation leader. “I spoke to my peers and found out what activities they were interested in, and then I helped to make them happen so everyone could feel like they were part of the Stevens community.”

Zhang is an international student from Shanghai, the financial center of China, which exposed him to the global financial services industry at an early age. He came to Stevens after earning a B.S. in Automotive Engineering from Shanghai University of Engineering Science in 2010.

“In my undergraduate work I was exposed to all different types of engineering, and I realized that my main interest was computer programming,” he said. “Because of my background in finance, Stevens was the perfect fit for me to continue my education. It has a reputation as a great technology school and is located near Wall Street.”

Zhang will be staying in the U.S. for the foreseeable future, thanks to a hard-to-resist employment opportunity he’s had on the table for months. After securing an information technology internship last summer at Barclays Capital, a global investment bank, he was invited to return after graduation to a full-time position as a technology analyst in the company’s Manhattan headquarters.

“I’m looking forward to enhancing my people skills and gaining experience in the technical side of the financial services industry,” Zhang said.

Eventually, Zhang said he may return to China, especially given Shanghai’s strong and energetic financial markets. Given his future employer’s global reach, the opportunity may even be there for him to relocate within Barclays Capital.

Like his commitment to their social well-being on campus, Zhang hopes other Stevens graduate students can shape equally promising career paths in the future. This semester, he did his part to assist his peers academically and in the workforce by speaking to his classmates about how to secure and capitalize on internship opportunities. One student who heard his presentation at a workshop organized by the Office of Career Development was even hired for an internship from Barclays Capital.

“I tried my best to help other students with the interview process and then told them how to make the most of the experience,” Zhang said. “I truly believe Stevens students are extremely talented and employers are lucky to have them.”

With Zhang on board, Barclays Capital undoubtedly agrees!

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