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Getting a Return on Your College Investment

Stevens Institute of Technology ranks among the top 5 percent of schools in the nation for annualized net return on investment (ROI), according to a Bloomberg BusinessWeek study, “Colleges Worth Your Investment.” The study determined how much a degree from an institution pays back over 30 years, placing Stevens among the top two New Jersey schools in terms of ROI, along with Princeton University. The study found that Stevens graduates can expect an ROI of over $1.1 million.

Students looking to invest their education with Stevens, The Innovation University™, have a number of programs at their disposal to maximize returns. With Stevens emphasis on research enterprise and entrepreneurship through initiatives like Technogenesis®, students are able to work with faculty as well as outside industries, to gain practical research and entrepreneurial experience in their field before graduating. Each year, more than 300 companies recruit on campus. The results are clear: the class of 2010 entered the workforce with an average starting salary of $61,050. Thirty-nine percent of students received multiple job offers.

“The education received from Stevens is critical to the students’ placement success after graduation. We engage our students early, complementing academic studies with hands-on learning in the workplace, faculty-mentored research, and access to other professional development activities. It is our expectation that Stevens students will become leaders in their fields,” explains Lynn Insley, director of the Office of Career Development. “Companies are eager to hire our graduates because they bring with them professional work experience that demonstrates their talent, dedication, and drive.”

Entrepreneurship is a key component of the Stevens experience. The Office of Academic Entrepreneurship, whose mission is “to foster and nurture an entrepreneurial culture that is accepted across the entire Institute community,” ensures that students receive collaborative, hands-on experience in the field before they enter the marketplace and that they are trained to recognize the societal and economic value of technological innovation. The Academic-Innovation-Transfer process provides an open system in which key partners of diverse backgrounds may create successful technology-transfer ventures. Such key partners include faculty, students, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investors, industry partners, and representatives of government entities and regulatory agencies.

“In addition to academic opportunities, we provide summer research programs, scholarships, networking events, and competitions such as the elevator pitch competition in the spring to give students the experience they need to stay competitive,” says Associate Provost Christos Christodoulatos. “Our programs expose students to intellectual property creation, protection, and commercialization, which give students a strong foundation for the future.”

“At Stevens we’re exposed to a little of everything,” says Tom Philips, a Business and Technology major as well as a Ducks Baseball infielder. “The focus is on technology, but we also get marketing and business planning. I've had the opportunity to work with my advisors on a product that we developed and hope to make into something real. It’s been great hands-on experience working with people who pushed me to learn more.”

Learn more about entrepreneurship and research at Stevens at the Office of Academic Entrepreneurship and Research Enterprise websites. Stop by Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions for more information, or view all the Academic Programs Stevens has to offer.