<h3 style="text-align: center;"><strong>Wednesday November 2nd, 2011</strong><br /><strong>3:00 p.m. &ndash; 4:30 p.m.</strong><br /><strong>Bissinger Room (4th floor of the Howe Center)</strong></h3>
<p><br />This event is primarily designed to serve students whose study plans are due this term. This includes third semester engineering students, and all other sophomores and above without an approved study plan. Sophomore engineering students on Co-op will do their study plans in the spring. Study plans for engineering majors are due in the third term, so engineering freshman do not need to file a study plan at this time. Students of all classes and majors, who need advising assistance, are also welcome to attend.<br /><br />Faculty advisors from each department will be on hand to provide information and advice about:<br /><br /></p>
<li>Completing your study plan</li>
<li>Selecting your courses</li>
<li>Selecting a major</li>
<li>Pursuing a minor</li>