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Sabnis publishes in the Journal of Marketing an FT — 45 Journal

The Howe School is proud to announce that one of our faculty members, Dr. Gaurav Sabnis an assistant professor of Marketing, has been published in a very exclusive journal one of the only 45 journals used by the Financial Times in compiling their business school research rank.

Dr. Sabnis’ research interests include:  Empirical modeling of marketing strategy, issues Sales force management, Online user generated content, Competition’s role in online content.

The information about his paper is  —

“The Sales Lead Black Hole: On Sales Reps' Follow-Up of Marketing Leads”

Journal of Marketing, January 2013 


  • Gaurav Sabnis, Howe School of Technology Management
  • Sharmila Chatterjee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Rajdeep Grewal, Pennsylvania State University
  • Gary Lilien, Pennsylvania State University

The sales lead black hole—the 70% of leads generated by marketing departments that sales representatives do not pursue—may result from competing demands on sales reps' time. Using the motivation–opportunity–ability framework, the authors consider factors that influence sales reps' pursuit (or lack thereof) of marketing and self-generated leads. The proportion of time that sales reps devote to marketing leads depends on organizational lead prequalification and managerial tracking processes (extrinsic motivation), as well as marketing lead volume (opportunity), and sales rep experience and performance (ability). Consistent with a person–situation framework, individual sales rep factors should also moderate the influence of organizational processes on lead follow-up. Data from 461 sales reps employed by four firms confirm that as sales reps' experience increases, their responses to managerial tracking of lead follow-up and marketing lead volume decrease; responses to the quality of the lead prequalification process increase. As sales reps' performance improves, their response to the volume of marketing leads increases, but their response to managerial tracking decreases. The interplay of individual sales reps' abilities and organizational marketing and sales processes explains differences in sales reps' follow-up of marketing leads.'

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