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CCSE SEMINAR: Soundar Kumara "Graph Analytics – Community Detection in Complex Networks"

CCSE Lab / Babbio 514

Center for Complex Systems & Enterprises
Distinguished Lecture Series
Graph Analytics – Community Detection in Complex Networks
BY: Soundar Kumara
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University
The prevalence of social networks and the evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) are contributing to the growth of complex networks. When these networks become large, pattern recognition is important for decision making. Clusters (communities) can be considered as the fundamental patterns (not building blocks) in networks. Graph analytics mainly focusses on detecting overlapping and non-overlapping clusters.  In this expository talk we will explore the nature of complex networks and in particular discuss the details of community detection algorithms. We will detail:  Label Propagation and Game Theory Based algorithms developed by us. We will demonstrate community detection with real world examples.
Dr. Kumara is Allen, E and Allen, M. Pearce Professor of Industrial Engineering at the PennsylvaniaStateUniversity.  He also holds joint appointments with Computer Science and Engineering, and an affiliate appointment with the School of Information Sciences and Technology. His research focus is on building Smart Manufacturing and Logistics Systems, Graph Analytics and Healthcare analytics.  He is an elected fellow of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), the International Academy of Production Engineering (CIRP), the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).


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Undergraduate Reading Day

Undergraduate Reading Day


9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Leading Creative Collaborations – A Two-Day Workshop for Technical Professionals

Babbio 104, The Babbio Center

The School of Business at Stevens Institute of Technology emphasizes a tested brand of technical leadership development that puts you at the center of a dynamic, energized learning environment where you will find the keys to your own style of self-directed, empowered leadership. This approach is based on extensive research and work with dozens of companies that have demonstrated the value of learning leadership skills by actively putting them in practice. This workshop is intended for technical leaders who hold themselves accountable for continually increasing their own and others’ capacity for cross-company collaboration and rapid innovation. Our faculty experts will show you how to use tools that are readily applicable to your organizational challenges to learn how to stimulate creative thinking, make practical use of conflict, and build collaborative group structures and practices that people enjoy using. The workshop will feature extensive exercises in which you will work in small groups to master the techniques presented by faculty experts.  If you have responsibility for technical aspects of an organization that has R&D, engineering or computer-related technologies at the core, we will encourage you to think differently about  your responsibilities, the way you manage projects and teams, and how you can work with and inspire people in your organization to take on enterprise-level challenges.  In addition to the workshop, Stevens will host a professional networking event for participants to meet faculty, researchers, and senior administrators.

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