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Evan Feil '14 Invents Mountables, a Novel Wall Dock for Apple Products

Like many mobile users, Stevens student Evan Feil ’14 charges his iPhone or iPad while lying in bed at night, but he grew tired of the charging cord falling behind his furniture or tangling up into knots. A Mechanical Engineering major, he decided to design a solution to his problem.

Soon, Mountables was born. Mountables, “the iDeal iOS Wall Docking Solution,” is a convenient and attractive dock to mount and charge Apple devices while in bed.

“Mountables was the perfect solution to my problem,” Feil said. “You can simply assemble your charging cord into the Mountable and stick it anywhere on the wall using command strips. Now I can keep my devices charged every night safely and conveniently right next to my bed – or especially, bunk bed!”

Feil created the first Mountable device just for himself, but soon enough his friends started seeing them and thought it was “an awesome idea.” So Feil begin producing more and more with a rapid prototyping machine, using ABS plastic in seven different colors.

After selling a few units to personal connections or on eBay, he recently launched his website,, where he sells fully-customizable Mountables which fit most versions of the iPhone, iPad or iPod and can match any case or device through 49 different color combinations.

Mountables also just became available at the Stevens Campus Bookstore.

“I think Mountables are a perfect product for college bookstores to carry, especially if they are customized with school logos and colors,” said Feil.

While Feil currently does all of the manufacturing, packaging and marketing himself, he has lofty goals for Mountables. Ultimately he plans to expand the devices Mountables can fit beyond Apple products by adapting the product to work with the many various micro USB charging cords on the market. He also hopes to find a manufacturer to manage the injection molding and packaging processes, so he can offer a professional-quality product ready for sales at bigger distributors and big box stores.

“Hopefully it is only a matter of time before Mountables can go mainstream,” said Feil. “It’s been a ton of work just to get the product to where it is today, but I look forward to the future!”

Check out Mountables at and