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Ethics Bowl Brings the Debate to Stevens

As an ongoing effort to foster an informed and thoughtful approach to ethical dilemmas in modern society, the College of Arts & Letters (CAL) at Stevens Institute of Technology will once again host the Annual High School Ethics Bowl. This event , which will take place on Thursday, June 2, will bring together teams from high schools in New Jersey and New York for a competition that puts students in the seats of scientists, engineers, and policy makers to debate and discuss complex issues that arise in our society.    

These and other programs in CAL complement Stevens rigorous science and engineering education by providing students with the intellectual tools they need to make ethically responsible decisions while at the same time pursuing cutting edge technological innovations.

"In this fast-paced world of technological advance, ethical dilemmas seem to surround us as never before," says Dr. Michael Steinmann, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Annual High School Ethics Bowl. "Given the complexity of issues the younger generations are bound to encounter, we believe that the sooner we can cultivate their moral and intellectual skills, the better."

The Stevens High School Ethics Bowl is unique in that it asks participants not to debate opposing sides of an argument, but rather to present their solutions to modern quandaries based on real-life cases in medicine, business, education, the Internet, and other areas strongly influenced by technology. Students are judged based on their opening remarks, the practicality of their proposed solutions, and their ability to engage in fruitful dialogue with other teams in an effort to develop even more effective approaches together.

Held on our Hoboken campus, the Stevens High School Ethics Bowl is intended to have a strong influence on the competitors' eventual careers through exposure to high-level problem solving in a college environment. The event is overseen by faculty and advanced students from across the disciplines at Stevens, and student teams representing all interests and backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

"Every year, we see the commitment and the seriousness of the participating students," reports Dr. Lisa Dolling, Dean of the College of Arts & Letters. "We are proud to show that Stevens Institute of Technology is a place where the burning issues of our time can be openly and controversially discussed, in a way that goes far beyond the academic world."

The College of Arts & Letters finds this topic to be of such importance that it is rolling out the first Master of Arts degree program in the 140-year history of the University in Technology, Policy, and Ethics.

Find out how your school can participate and apply at the Annual High School Ethics Bowl Web site or click to learn more about undergraduate and graduate programs in CAL.