Dr. Hans Graber publishes article and serves as guest editor for special issue of Oceanography magazine

Dr. Hans Graber, CSR researcher and Executive Director, Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing (CSTARS), at the University of Miami, served as a guest editor of Oceanography's Special Issue on Ocean Remote Sensing With Synthetic Aperture Radar.  In addition to providing the introduction to the special issue, Dr. Graber also authored an article with Dr. Paul Mallas, entitled Imaging Ships from Satellites.
Dr. Graber's research supports CSR in developing new understanding and new processes for receiving and analyzing large maritime area data from multi-satellite and multi-frequency sensors such as Synthetic Aperture Radar and electro-optical sensors. In 2011, Dr. Graber and CSR were awarded a DHS Impact Award for the Center's contributions to the DeepWater Horizon oil spill.  Within days of the oil spill, CSTARS tasked more than 15 dedicated satellites with weather-independent image collection of the geographic area around the spill. The images were downlinked, processed at CSTARS and distributed in near real time to responder agencies that used the data for strategic planning and response.