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"Dire Straits" - New Book of Poetry by Edward Foster

Professor Edward Foster recently published a book of poetry entitled Dire Straights. Foster, a Professor of History and Creative Writing and associate dean for administration in the College of Arts and Letters at Stevens, has published numerous poetic works including What He Ought To Know: New and Selected Poems (2006) and The Beginning of Sorrows (2009), among others. He is also the founding editor ofTalisman: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, Talisman House, Publishers, and Jensen/Daniels, Publishers. 

Some recent reviews of Professor Foster's works:

"Edward Foster's poetry, always exacting and infinitely sweeping, comes to us like a whisper from behind our own ears... His poems suspend themselves just above language, connotative of some understanding-perhaps common to all of us-that recedes at the brink of words. It is just on this cusp, with some doubt, some explaining, that we find Foster, and trust him to guide us on an impossible course. With pristine lucidity, he knows, the 'propositions weren't enough.'" -Brooklyn Rail

"'Dire Straits' is filled with poetic wisdom and makes for much recommended reading." -Midwest Book Review

For more information on Edward Foster, including samples of his poetry, visit his personal site.