Current and Former CAL Students Performing in Production of "Tomfoolery" This Weekend

Six current and former students of the College of Arts and Letters at Stevens are taking part in the production Tomfoolery this Friday and Saturday in DeBaun Auditorium. The production is being run in conjunction with Stevens’ Theta Alpha Phi (TAP) National Theater Honors Fraternity. Tomfoolery is the first full-fledged musical production to be produced by TAP since its inception at Stevens over 50 years ago.

“TAP productions are especially unique because they involve not only students, but alumni and staff members both in and out of Theta Alpha Phi,” said current TAP President Zak Moy.

Moy, a Senior majoring in Visual Arts and Technology and minoring in Literature, has created the production’s publicity materials, including posters and playbills, and is currently managing social media for the production. During the performances, he will be assisting set designer Hilary Schrauth with the on-stage scenery, which he says involves iconic paintings in gold frames to make the stage look like a floating gallery.

Additionally, three Music and Technology students will make up the musical ensemble of the production. Junior Nick Gonzalez will play bass and Sophomore Rich Thomas will play drum set in his debut as a musical theater performer.

“I don’t have much experience in theatre, but what makes this production unique is the emphasis on and effort behind musical quality in the various numbers,” Thomas said.

In his sixth show as a musical performer, Freshman Dan Aleman, who hopes to continue playing in pits professionally after he graduates, will play the Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Flute, and Piccolo.

“For this production I’ll be playing all the different reed and pipe instruments as well as help one of the characters with her hunting,” he said. “It has been a pleasure working on a production that brings together current and former Stevens students. The unique experience that each person has brought to this show is what truly makes it special.”

On the alumni side, Lillian Chu Zawislak (Class of ’04, B.E. and B.A., Literature) is serving as the costumes, hair, and makeup designer while Frank Riccobono (Class of ’10, B.S. and B.A., Literature) will be acting in the production.

Moy, who aims to work as a designer in branding, marketing, and advertisement when he graduates, said that participating in Stevens’ productions is a great way for anyone to get involved with the arts.

“While membership to TAP itself is by invite only, we want to encourage the performing arts as a whole at Stevens—you don't have to be in TAP to get involved. It's amazing to see alumni from decades ago working alongside, bonding, and trading theater stories with current students. Our graduation years may be years apart, but backstage at DeBaun is a timeless ‘home.’”


For complete information about Tomfoolery, please visit DeBaun Center’s website at, email [email protected] or call 201-216-8933. Tickets for Tomfoolery are $5 for general admission and $2 for students.  To purchase tickets online, please visit or you may purchase tickets at the door.