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Convocation 2011

As per tradition, the academic school year kicked off with Convocation 2011, an annual event which welcomes the new members of the Stevens community and honors students and faculty for their achievements.

Adorned with dozens of flags suspended from the ceiling, the Canavan Arena was standing room only on Wednesday, September 7, as President Nariman Farvardin opened the ceremony by welcoming all students, including the Class of 2015.

“I have been here on campus for 70 days, and during that time we’ve had an earthquake and a hurricane,” Dr. Farvardin began. “My friends told me that I really know how to make an entrance.”

The students greeted his welcome with laughter and applause. Dr. Farvardin continued by speaking to the changes that have been made over the past year and what the incoming class has to look forward to as they begin their time at Stevens. He said to them:

“Class of 2015, I’m especially delighted to welcome you as our students for the next four or five years, and then many years after as our alumni. Today we celebrate the beginning of a life-long relationship.”

Student Government Association president Nicholas Catania, class of 2012, addressed the community next and welcomed the new class of students, urging them to ask themselves: “What is my potential?” He told students to look around them, as they were sitting next to future leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

“You’re becoming a part of the already rich history of Stevens,” Catania concluded. “Dream big and leave a lasting impression on Stevens Institute of Technology.”

The Honor System induction, led by Alyson Mackavage, class of 2012, chairman of the Honor Board, was next. Steeped in a more than 100 year tradition, Mackavage stated, “The Honor Board is one of our oldest and most unique traditions.” She then shared with the crowd the reasons she became involved with the Honor Board and why she believes in and values it as a key component of her educational experience. As the Class of 2015 stood to be inducted, Mackavage asserted: “You will not only leave your mark on Stevens, Stevens will leave its mark on you.”

The ceremony continued with the conferring of both faculty and student awards. Provost George P. Korfiatis led the presentation of the faculty awards and Dean Kenneth Nilsen led the presentation of the student awards.

This year’s faculty award winners follow:

The Henry Morton Distinguished Professor Teaching Award

Professor Ronald Besser, Chemical Engineering & Material Science, School of Engineering & Science

The Harvey N. Davis Distinguished Assistant Professor Teaching Award

Professor Peerasit Patanakul, School of Technology Management

The 2011 Davis Memorial Award for Research Excellence

Professors Svetlana Sukhishvili and Henry Du for their paper "Towards Full-Length Accumulative Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering-Active Photonic Crystal Fibers"

The Provost’s Award for Excellence in Online Teaching

Professor Steven Gabarro, Computer Science, School of Engineering & Science

2011 Award Meritorious Teaching Assistant in a Laboratory Section

Norapath Pesirikan, a graduate student in the Chemistry, Chemical Biology & Biomedical Engineering department

The Provost’s Award for Academic Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development

Professor Kishore Pochiraju, for CADeyes

Honorary Master of Engineering Degree

Dr. Alan F. Blumberg, George Meade Bond Professor of Ocean Engineering and Director of The Center for Maritime Systems

Stevens Alumni Association Faculty of the Year Award

Professor Ronald Besser, Chemical Engineering & Material Science, School of Engineering & Science

This year’s student award winners follow:

The Martha L. Kattwinkel Award

Juliet Turalski ‘13

The Colonel Basil M. Stevens Award

Armand Reyes ‘13

The Ada and Edwin "Doc" Farrell Memorial Award

Richard Sanchez ‘12

Ondrick Scholarship

Donna Barden ‘12

William Stackpole ‘12

The Gustav G. Freygang Award

Mason T. Compton ‘13

The President's Award for Community Involvement

Kendra Appleheimer ‘12

Gear and Triangle Award

Emily Hromada

Angela LoPiccolo ‘14

The Corey Graney Stute-Humanities Underclassman Award

Emily Rautenberg

Hans J. Lang Award for Excellence in Cost Engineering and Engineering Economics

Richard De Los Reyes ‘13

The CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award

Daniel S. McLaughlin ‘14

Virginia & Kevin Ruesterholz Award

Joseph Manfredonia ‘12

The Robert H. Seavy Award

Nicole Portner ‘12

John Ziegler ‘12

The Charles L. Petchek Scholarship

Alaina Spicer ‘13

Tau Beta Pi’s Freshman Engineer Award

Dylan D. Hutchison ‘14

Panhellenic Council Academic Excellence Award

Delta Phi Epsilon

Interfraternity Academic Excellence Award

Sigma Phi Epsilon

The Stevens' Scholarship for Service Program

Ken Bodzak

The Goldwater Scholarship for 2011-2012

Robert Moakler ‘12

The President’s Cup

Women’s Swimming Team

Alumnus and Board of Trustee member Mark LaRosa ‘93 then took the stage.  He spoke to the audience about the significant changes that have taken place at Stevens since he was a student here, and his extensive involvement with the University.

“I graduated 18 years ago but I’ve never left,” LaRosa said. “Why do I stay so involved? Stevens gives you so much more than just your education. I urge you to get involved and get everything you can out of your time here, and after.”

From there, LaRosa invited Dick Magee ’63 up to assist with the presentation of the Class of 2015 Banner. The ceremony concluded with the singing of the Stevens Alma Mater and the new school year has now officially begun.

Welcome again to the Class of 2015 and congratulations to all of the faculty and student honorees from this year’s Convocation.