SSE Seminar Series - Lior Nabat, CEO - Tradency

Thursday, May 9, 2013 1:00 pm

Location: Babbio 541B

Tradency - A Story by an Israeli Entrepreneur
Lior Nabat - CEO, Tradency

Dr. Jonathan Kaufman – Financial Engineering Seminar Series
Dr. Christos Christodoulatos - Thomas H. Scholl Lecture Series on Entrepreneurship

ABSTRACT: Israel is known as the “Start-Up Nation”.  A 60-year old state with a population of only 8 million that has more companies listed on the NASDAQ than any other foreign country in the world. In his lecture, Lior Nabat, founder and CEO of “Tradency” provides a glimpse of his personal perspective of how it’s done. From his days in the Israeli air force’s telecommunications division through his time as an employee of various hi-tech companies and ending with his entrepreneurial ideas which have grown to become “Tradency”. As with many other companies, the road to successes was often bumpy. Nabat describes how a basic good idea stands the challenges posed by the FOREX market, how learning from mistakes is often more important than learning from success, and how important it is to understand and adapt to different global markets. 
BIO: Lior Nabat (42) started his career in technology when he joined the Israeli air force’s telecommunications division. Like most young Israelis, he spent three years in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), but unlike most, he decided to continue serving for another five years, still in telecommunications. During his service, he read for a degree in mathematics and computer science through the Open University in Israel.  Lior’s training and experience in the technology arena taught him to think differently and to cope with new developments and find solutions quickly. He faced difficult problems on a daily basis and had to use his lateral thinking skills to invent out-of-the-box solutions.  After he left the air force, Lior worked for various hi-tech companies, all in the telecommunications field, helping some of them to build infrastructure and other technology for the mobile and Wi-Fi industries, among others. These companies included Tdsoft (Vocaltech) ,Alphacell (now Emblaze Mobile) and DSPG (wifi industry).  In 2003, Lior became interested in the financial industry, specifically the foreign exchange market. He found the high liquidity, round-the-clock nature of the business and high level of the technology in this field exciting and fascinating.
After initial unsuccessful forays into the Forex market, Lior conducted his own research with his and now partner, Udi Gershon. By 2005, they had begun to form Tradency and had brought in two more partners, Gil Eyal and Greg Hay, to help develop and grow the business. Lior, with the help of his partners, had developed an automated Forex trading software solution involving signal providers and originated the Mirror Trading concept, which is now enjoying success and taking Forex trading to the next level. In addition Lior is a co-founder of two internet base companies, Contextors and Fridgnet. Lior is also a volunteered based advisor to entrepreneurs and early stage star-ups and helped to form more than a dozen start-ups in various fields.  Lior is holding B.A (cum laude) in Mathematics and Computer science from the Open University in Tel-Aviv Israel.