Humanities Forum: Sociology Meets Technology: My Personal Experience Teaching Sociology at Stevens

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 ( 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm )

Location: Morton 324, Stevens Institute of Technology

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April 3, 2013. "Sociology Meets Technology: My Personal Experience Teaching Sociology at Stevens"
A talk by Yu Tao. 

The exciting field of sociology covers all aspects of social life. Sociologists examine topics including small-group interaction, online communities, work and occupations, and large-scale social change. At Stevens, Dr. Yu Tao teaches and does research in sociology, with a focus on science and technology. In this talk she will discuss different ideas of sociology; the courses she teaches focusing on science and technology, and what students say about them, as well as her research here at Stevens.

Dr. Yu Tao received her BA in English from East China Normal University in Shanghai, China. After graduating, she worked at Siemens Shanghai Mobile Communications Ltd. Her love of teaching and her experience training with multi-media technologies at Siemens brought her to Boston University for a Master's in Educational Media and Technology. At BU, she became fascinated by the social aspect of technology, which led her to pursue her Ph.D. in Sociology of Science and Technology at Georgia Tech. At Stevens her courses include Introduction to Sociology, Gender and Race in Science and Engineering, as well as Comparative Ethnic Cultures. Her research explores science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce and education. Professor Tao is currently working on a paper examining gender differences in choosing the employment sector among engineering doctoral recipients in the changing labor market in the U.S. She is also co-editing a book on the experiences of African Americans in engineering, and co-authoring a chapter on the engineering doctoral education and employment of African Americans compared with other racial/ethnic groups.