CAL Seminar - How the Media Think About Science

Thursday, March 21, 2013 ( 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm )

Location: Morton 324, Stevens Institute of Technology

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March 21, 2013. "How the Media Think About Science"
A talk by Michael Lemonick.


It is not unusual for scientists and engineers to be surprised, and sometimes even appalled, by how their work is portrayed in popular media. In fact, however, at least some distortion is inevitable when science makes the leap from the laboratory to the front page. Veteran science journalist Michael Lemonick will talk about forces that drive this distortion—sometimes to the point of misrepresentation.


Michael Lemonick covered science and the environment for TIME magazine for nearly 21 years. At TIME he wrote more than 50 cover stories, one of which was featured in the anthology “Best American Science and Nature Writing 2007.” He has also written for Discover, Scientific American, Wired, New Scientist and The Washington Post. Lemonick is the author of four books including Echo of the Big Bang  (Princeton University Press, 2003); and Other Worlds: The Search for Life in the Universe (Simon and Schuster, 1998), and has taught Science and Environmental Journalism at Princeton, Columbia, Johns Hopkins and New York Universities. He holds a B.A. degree from Harvard University and a Master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University. Lemonick is currently senior staff writer at Climate Central.